Laser Hair Removal Perth

Liift Aesthetics Announces Cutera Laser Hair Removal

Cutera laser instrument allows for comfortable, permanent hair removal all over the body, reports Liift Aesthetics


Perth, Western Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2014 -- Liift Aesthetics, a provider of Laser Hair Removal Perth, today announced the availability of hair removal services using its Cutera Laser instrument. This instrument allows hair to be removed anywhere on the body without fear of damage or undue pain. Areas that can be treated include the bikini area, underarms, and other spots often considered too sensitive to treat without topical anesthetics.

"Many people dislike getting hair removal of sensitive spots because it typically requires the use of topical anesthetics," said Sabina of Liift Aesthetics. "Thanks to the new Cutera Laser, however, such anesthetics are rarely needed. This laser is precise enough to treat the hairs without causing undue heat in the rest of the area."

Even though this laser is far superior to older devices, there are a few things about laser hair removal that remain the same. One is that the treatments only work on hair that is actively growing. Since hair phases in and out of active growth cycles, multiple visits will be needed to achieve the proper results. Some experts say that between four and five treatments will do the job. Once the initial treatment phase is complete, occasional touch-ups are required to catch any hair follicles that activate after a longer-than-normal delay.

"While it does take a few sessions to really get rid of the hair, it's well worth it for those who don't like to have to constantly shave, wax, or tweeze to control hair growth. The idea of permanent hair removal is especially enticing to those who would normally use painful methods like waxing on sensitive areas such as the bikini zone. After the proper amount of treatments with the Cutera Laser, clients can throw their waxing kits away for good," Sabina noted.

Permanent hair removal isn't just for super-sensitive body areas. It's also the perfect solution to unwanted facial hair growth, underarm hair elimination, and the desire to stop shaving the legs. Many people appreciate being able to take shaving out of their daily routines and make it a thing of the past, no matter which body part is involved.

"We understand that many people don't want to be seen walking into a beauty clinic to have procedures done," Sabina noted. "Yet, everyone wants to be able to come to a center that's in a convenient location. Therefore, we've chosen an off-street location that can easily be walked to from convenient streets. This makes it easy for everyone to get laser hair removal without it being obvious where they're going. The end result is that our clients simply end up free of hair, while their neighbors think they are simply being very diligent about daily removal routines."

About Liift Aesthetics
Liift Aesthetics is a multi-service aesthetic clinic in Perth that offers laser hair removal, varicose vein removal, anti-wrinkle injections and other such services. It is in the busy area of the city, but is located off the street so that patrons can enter and leave discreetly.