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LikeMe App Lets Users Review Everything, Including Their Facebook Friends


Drums, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2012 -- Over the past several years, social media frenzy has swept the world. And no other social media site has even come close to gaining the number of members Facebook continues to attract. With more than 845 million monthly users, Facebook is the leading social media site on the Internet.

Facebook allows users to participate in a wide range of activities, from games to chatting with friends, and helps them connect with their favorite celebrities, bands and products with “Like” buttons. In fact, there are more than 2.7 billion “Likes” every day.

And while users can currently “Like” comments and pictures posted by their Facebook friends, they are not able to provide reviews of their family members and friends or even “Like” them.

Recently launched, LikeMe is a new Facebook app that gives people the opportunity to review everything from celebrities and products to movies and even their Facebook friends. And to help kick-off their host of innovative services, the web startup is running a LikeMe.net Launch Competition whereby active users can win hundreds of dollars each month by simply providing top-notch social reviews, comments and replies.

To get started, users can search http://LikeMe.net/ for a person, product or service they recognize. Once they click through to someone or something’s page, they can click the LikeMe button and leave a comment or review. For every action a user completes, they will be awarded a badge. It is that simple, and fun.

In order to become a Top User and get closer to winning money through the LikeMe Launch Competition, users need to earn as many badges as possible and provide quality comments and reviews.

At the end of each month of the LikeMe launch phase, the LikeMe judging panel will take a look at the reviews, comments and replies made by the Top Users. The most active and quality user will receive an instant bonus of $50 and $.50 for each review and comment they have made, equating to a nice chunk of cash.

The creators of LikeMe launched the app to let people share their points of view on a large number of topics.

According to LikeMe.net, “We think reviews should be fun and we think that everyone should be able to have an opinion on everything.”

While LikeMe currently only allows people to provide reviews on people and products, the company has future plans to allow users to be able to discuss the merits of everything, from the concept of love to the next Olympic games.

For more information, visit http://LikeMe.net/.

About LikeMe.net
LikeMe.net is a private web startup. Their website provides user-generated reviews on a variety of products and people. They integrate with the Facebook API to allow users to seamlessly comment on their Facebook friends.