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Lil' Baby Cakes a Michigan Based E-Commerce Company Launches New Website to Make Sending Diapers Fun and Easy


Grand Blanc, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2012 -- Lil’ Baby Cakes popular e-commerce site amongst baby gift buyers, has re-launched their website with a new look, more selections, and features to make re-ordering a breeze for their repeat customers. The new site is crafted around “fun”, as their diaper cakes are all about a fun and memorable way to send much needed diapers to the parents of a new baby.

Customers range from those having a baby shower to businesses who send gifts to their employees and clients. When the owner of Lil Baby Cakes, Candy Budyta was asked on the success of her diaper cakes she replied, “It’s really all about creating a memorable baby gift experience for the new parents and the gift buyer. Typically the new parents are inundated with the predictable baby gifts like clothing and nursery items. While these gifts are surely appreciated, they get lost in the shuffle of all the gifts a mom receives. Diapers while certainly not that exciting of a gift on their own become a truly memorable gift after we craft them into a beautifully themed “cake” that simply stands out from the rest.

For the new parents, our diaper cakes not only help serve the essential needs in caring for the newborn, but many of our cakes offer wonderful plush teddy bears that the new baby grows to love. This gift has lasting memories long after the diapers are used”.

Candy Budyta is very excited about the new look of the site which was very apparent when discussing the website during the press release, “This time around we have made the website more user-friendly, categorized our diaper cakes according to gender and size, and created a friendly one page check out. In this regard Shop by Gender and Shop by Diaper Cake Size will help the users to quickly navigate to specific diaper cakes. We’ve also integrated the ability for a customer to directly get their order status and shipping status right from our site.”

Candy also mentioned that Lil Baby Cakes is also creating personalized diaper cakes. These designs allow customers to add the new baby’s name to the cake to create a personalized baby gift. New parents love to see the names they have so carefully chosen on their newborn diaper cakes.

The use of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter were also considered in the new design. “The option of logging in to our site with a Facebook account was created to avoid customers having to remember another login and password. Now, they can just login with their Facebook info and all their customer information is saved. This makes repeat ordering a breeze,” added Candy.

When asked how they will face competition Candy replied, “Despite competitors in the marketplace, we seek to excel by our attention to detail in the assembly process and by continually adding new designs to our site. We also use popular brands such as Pampers, Gund, Burt’s Bees, Stephan Baby, and Johnson and Johnson products in our diaper cakes. Since Lil’ Baby Cakes was established in 1999, we have acquired a lot of experience and expertise on how to design, make, and ship professionally made diaper cakes. It’s fun to see how far around the world our cakes ship and which designs our customers repeatedly order. ”

In conclusion Candy, who herself is mother, said “Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest thrills, and Lil’ Baby Cakes is happy to be a part of it – even if it is a small part. The environment at Lil’ Baby Cakes is very uplifting and energetic. We have each fallen in love with a teddy bear or two, during the years at Lil’ Baby Cakes. This plus the numerous testimonials we receive from our customers contributes to our slogan: “We Make Sending Diapers FunTM.”

About Lil’ Baby Cakes
Lil’ Baby Cakes is an e-commerce company specializing in hand-crafted diaper cakes for boys and girls. The company operates from Grand Blanc, Michigan, and was started in 1999 with the launch of Candy Budyta is the owner and creative director.

If you’d like more information about this diaper cakes, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of Lil’ Baby Cakes, please contact Candy Budyta at 866-944-2253 or email at