A New Intriguing Book Titled "Heaven Is for Real - A Skeptic's Guide" Has Been Released by Lilly Thumper


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- The new book “Heaven is for Real-A Skeptic’s Guide” written by Iowa author Lilly Thumper has been released as a response to the popular religious book titled “Heaven is for Real”. She keeps a balanced look at the concept of whether heaven is real or not from the viewpoint of a skeptic and believer.

Lilly Thumper herself has gone through a Near Death Experience, so she describes the story of a little boy to show the confusion between reality and illusion based on her own experience. The young boy called Colton Burpo claims that he has died and went to Heaven, but them came to life again, describing what he has seen during his death. She explains in details why she believes that Colton has had an NDE and her book accurately presents this point.

The new book is speculation free and based on actual evidence. So Thumper presents a new approach to the popular “Heaven is for Real” that has been released some years ago. A lot of books have been written to rebut the Burpo family; however, she gives an analysis of an interview made with them that challenges the facts presented in those books. “Heaven is for Real-A Skeptic’s Guide” contains this and many other revelations that will open the eyes of the readers to some of the heaven related secrets partially revealed to human beings.

The book is analytical look at the heaven subject that has never been seen before, an entirely new Bible based approach to the Burpos’ movie and book. The book is definitely for those, who question the Colton Burpo’s statement that God has blue eyes and a blonde hair.

The main idea behind this book is not to attack the Burpos, but to try to reveal the truth that all human beings on this planet deserve to understand. Lilly feels that there is a misunderstanding in their story, so she explains this in her book critique. There are some factual errors in their story uncovered, while she uses both points of view –a Christian and agnostic one.

All who would like to understand the truth based on facts and scientific method will greatly appreciate this book of analyses and critique. A lot of readers find the “Heaven is for Real-A Skeptic’s Guide” to be a very important book that fairly and rationally analyzes the “Heaven is for Real”. The first reactions after its release are really enthusiastic and provoke the interest in thousands of people around the world.

“Heaven is for Real-A Skeptic’s Guide” is available in Kindle and print editions on All, who are interested in this new approach to the old and popular “Heaven is for Real”, can visit the author's website at

About Lilly Thumper
Lilly Thumper is Iowa based author, who writes the critique on “Heaven is for Real” based on her personal experience, factual evidences, Bible principles and scientific facts. She combines all these methods to present an entirely new approach that will definitely intrigue the readers.