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Lime Proxies Become First Company to Offer IPV6 Proxies in over 20 Locations Worldwide


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- One of the underrated aspects of online communications is the IP address, which localizes individuals or groups to a given network to give an indication of their location. While this has always been the case, companies have now begun to limit content according to IP address so that individuals outside certain countries can’t watch online video. Some even use IP to censor content, like the Chinese government limiting access to the internet for their users. Proxy servers allow individuals to find a way around these limitations by sending all information through a new portal elsewhere in the world. Proxies also allow people greater security by hiding their location.

Lime Proxies have been getting a lot of attention lately from tech savvy internet users for offering premium private proxies to uncensor the web. Their proxy services include being able to refresh to a new IP address on demand at any time, with super elite privacy settings to guarantee anonymity and offer up to one gigabyte per second transfer speed, meaning they’re future-proofed for fiber optic broadband use.

The applications of these software’s may seem underhanded, but could be essential to journalists and researchers, lawyers, activists and campaigners who require the ability to research anonymously while still having access to information that should be freely available legally.

The site offers a multitude of other web services including gaming proxies for individuals who wish to join international networks, ticketing proxies and web scraping provisions of never before used virgin IPs.

A spokesperson for Lime Proxies explained, “Our premium IP Proxy services allow individuals to access private proxies from global locations. Users can also manage their proxy servers with full admin control panel and usage analytics, so they know exactly how the proxy is being used. It provides a huge range of private and personal benefits, and the long list of features associated with our exclusive IPV6 proxy servers worldwide make them the market leader in functionality while still remaining competitive in price. There really is no reason to look anywhere else.”

About Lime Proxies
Lime Proxies’ premium proxies products help advertisers, agencies and media companies to monitor global ad campaigns. Their private proxy network has over 20+ worldwide locations. With a global network, automated control panel and APIs, Lime Proxies changes the way advertisers use and optimize their campaigns. In addition, Lime Proxies proxies can also be used to unblock blocked sites through work filters. Lime Proxies also offer specialized solutions such as ipv6 proxies. For more information, please visit: