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Limited Edition Art Piece Berrocal's Beauty and the Feast, a Homage to Romeo and Juliet Available as a One of a Kind Holiday Gift for 2016


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2016 -- A one of a kind art piece has become available on created by Spanish artist Miguel Berrocal called Beauty and the Feast, an homage to Romeo and Juliet, which was released as a limited edition between 1969-1971. Berrocal, whose highly praised artwork is found throughout many major European cities, is known for his technique of combining functionality, functional architecture, and interactive aesthetics which allowed him to create one of a kind puzzle sculptures that still maintained a unique sense of aesthetic beauty.

His style of art is reflected in his Beauty and the Feast limited edition gold plated singular art piece that can be disassembled into a full table setting for two. "This style of artwork is definitely unique," said B. Hopkins art reseller. "There were only 1000 pieces of this series made, and unfortunately since Berrocal passed away in 2006, we can only admire the works he has left behind. His pieces do not come onto the market often are for those that can afford quality and unique artwork. It also comes with the original history of Berrocal and an instruction book on how to assemble and disassemble the artwork pieces."

The art piece, when disassembled is a gold plated 34 piece full setting of plates, wine goblets, water goblets, candle holders, serving forks and spoons, and a 9 piece silverware set for 2. When assembled, it forms a replication of an ancient temple to one of the gods of the past. It is almost as if this art piece removes the contradiction between form and function. It comes with a serial number stamped into the piece to designate its authenticity as being an original of Berrocal.

For those that are interested in the obtaining this unique art piece in time to provide a unique gift of art for the person who is hard to shop for, you can inquire at Beauty and the Feast.

B. Hopkins