Joe Bragg Uses "We Win or It's Free" Policy to Win Compensation for Car Accident Victims Who Have Limited Tort Insurance in Philadelphia


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Car accidents are a stressful event for everyone involved. However, the stress of car accident victims can skyrocket once they find out that they will not be compensated for the accident – even if they had a legal insurance plan.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens to drivers who opted for limited tort insurance. And that’s a problem that a website called seeks to solve. At, visitors will learn how to be financially compensated for accidents that they did not cause while driving with limited tort insurance.

A spokesperson for explained how limited tort insurance works – and why it’s such a problem for drivers in Philadelphia:

“Limited tort insurance was designed to give low-income drivers a way to legally drive on the road while maintaining all legal insurance requirements. Unfortunately, that insurance does not protect drivers once they are involved in an accident – even if that accident occurs through no fault of their own. Drivers with limited tort insurance who are involved in a not-at-fault collision will not be compensated for “non-economic damages”, which can be a significant part of any insurance claim.”

Basically, non-economic damages refers to the pain and suffering caused by a vehicle accident. Pain and suffering generally makes up a substantial part of an accident-related insurance claim, which means that accident victims may miss out on a significant amount of money. This money can be used to compensate wages that were lost as a result of the accident as well as any medical expenses that were incurred.

Fortunately, there is some good news. At, visitors will discover everything they need to know about winning a limited tort case. With the help of an experienced attorney, clients can win compensation for pain and suffering. is the online home of The Law Offices of Joel J. Kofsky. The Law Offices of Joel J. Kofsky specializes in car accident law. With the help of an experienced car accident lawyer, the firm wants to ensure everyone has the ability to win compensation regardless of which type of insurance plan they hold.

The spokesperson for explains what The Law Offices of Joel J. Kofsky seeks to accomplish:

“At the Law Offices of Joel J. Kofsky, our goal is to help clients win every dollar they need to cover their pain and suffering following a vehicle accident. This money can be used to pay medical expenses and cover time lost at work. Instead of sitting back and accepting fate, we urge limited tort insurance plan holders who have been involved in a car accident to contact us today. Simply fill out the contact form at our website to begin the claim process.”

About is the online home of The Law Offices of Joel J. Kofsky. The Law Offices of Joel J. Kofksy specializes in car accident law and aims to win compensation for drivers who have been involved in not at-fault collisions while holding limited tort insurance plans. For more information, please visit: