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Linda J. O'Brien, Russell Township Candidate for Trustee Launches Her Official Website


Russell Township, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Russell Township, Ohio based Linda J. O'Brien, one of the six candidates running for one of the two Trustee seats in the election scheduled for November 5, 2013, has announced the launch of her official website to enable the residents of Russell Township to easily connect with her and support her campaign.

"As a responsible candidate running for office in Russell Township, I am committed to be easily accessible to the residents I aim to represent. As such, my new website will be helpful for people to explore my ideas, support my campaign or simply connect with me," says Linda J. O'Brien. "Russell Township has been more than just a home to me. Over the years, I have seen more and more pressure being mounted on its residents, which I feel is not justified and is only because of failed governance. I wish to change that. Being an action oriented person that I am, I sincerely believe that the best way to bring about a positive change is by being an active member of the government. I hope that my manifesto will resonate with the Russell Township residents and that they will support my candidature and vote for me in the upcoming election!"

Linda has been driven to run for Trustee of Russell Township due to the continually rising taxes, which, she believes, place an unfair and unnecessary burden on Russell residents.  The lack of transparency by the current elected officials and the threat of Federal Government programs promoting "Sustainable Communities" have convinced her to run for her first public office. Her message is simple and direct – "No Political Nonsense."  Linda's direct and common sense approach to business has brought her success for decades and now she wishes to use the best business practices to contribute to a stronger and financially stable future for the Township that she calls home.

"I have pledged to help my neighbors in Russell by being a watchdog for their hard earned tax dollars. I believes in less government interference and am determined not make decisions based on political leanings or personal relationships.  I will aim for the Township Trustees to support local businesses and residents rather than impose unnecessary controls," O'Brien further added.

O'Brien is community minded and works to create positive results. She is guided by her Christian faith, the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

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About Linda J. O'Brien
Linda J. O'Brien, a resident of Russell Township since 1990, holds a B.S. in Psychology and an M. S. in Organizational Development and Analysis. After having served several corporate entities for several years, O'Brien ventured out on her own as a consultant in 1991 with an objective to assist businesses from all industries and of all sizes to respond to business needs promptly without adding overhead assuring a greater competitive edge. With the goal of increasing employee effectiveness by replacing bureaucracy with process improvement, better quality and lower costs she has contributed to business giants such as the U. S. Department of Defense and TRW and to several family owned enterprises.

O'Brien is a results oriented leader who is driven to achieve goals to maximize results for her clients. She recognizes that the "business of any business is first its people and that only people can position a company for success." Linda is one of six candidates running for one of two Trustee seats in the election on November 5, 2013. She is a committed Patriot who believes in small government, less spending and lower taxes. She enjoys family time, gardening, helping others, the companionship of the family animals and the outdoors. She is an has immense love and appreciation for nature and is committed to keeping Russell's unique country lifestyle created by large, green open spaces and the animals that reside in Russell safe and out of harm's way.

To know more about Linda J. O'Brien, her manifesto or to support her campaign, please log on to:

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