Offers Insightful Tips on How to Find Real Psychics and Avoid Scams


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing extensive information about psychic readings and online psychic companies, has recently published an article which shares insightful tips on how to easily distinguish between the real psychics from the scams.

The article discusses 3 major aspects that scam psychics have in common and shares simple techniques on how to identify them. According to the article if a psychic mentions ‘curse’ then you will know that that psychic is simply trying to con you, since he/she will probably later on offer an expensive solution to remove the curse. The article further informs that scam psychics consider ‘curse’ to be a textbook way of first scaring the individuals and then making them believe that removal of it is the only solution.

Another form of common trickery amongst the scam psychics, shared on the site, is to offer spells that make things happen in a person’s life. This is widely seen on various psychic websites where they offer spells to make the ex-partner fall in love again, to increased luck for gaining riches, to improve personal or someone else’s health or even spells that can increase the sensuality during sex. The article states that a psychic offering spells is clearly not genuine and is simply using marketing strategies to make money by fooling others.

Since psychic readings are all about communication and are based on the psychic’s ability to first comprehend with the client’s adversity and then offer a suitable and feasible solution, the article informs that care should be still taken to make sure that the psychic is not simply suggesting ideas based on the personal information you are sharing. This technique is also widely used by scam psychics who first ask in-depth questions and try to gauge the personality of their customer such that they can give solutions their clients want to hear. The article further informs that real psychics never ask too many questions and are accurate in determining the problems an individual is facing without knowing much of their personal details and do so instantly.

Linda Monroe stated that she has fell into many similar traps when she was going through a rough time in her life and was looking for answers and solutions. She further informed that even though she is a very happy person today she often consults her real psychics for guidance. In many of her articles Linda says that even though there are some scam psychics out there, most of the psychics are real and genuinely want to help others through their gifts.

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