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Linda's Curtain Studio Now Offering Traverse and Double Traverse Curtain Rods for Spring 2014


Silver Spring, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- Linda’s Curtain Studio is now offering traverse and double traverse curtain rods for spring 2014. The traverse curtain rod is used to support curtains and draperies that suspend above windows. The traverse rod is a traditional window treatment hardware for curtains and draperies. They were first used in the early 1900s in the USA by Charles Kirsch and are still popular today. The use of traverse rods is a practical and economical solution to covering windows.

The standard traverse curtain rod is a flat hollow telescoping white metal rods with carrier slides that run along the rear of the rod. Draperies are attached to the carriers with drapery pins. These One Way Traverse Rods are ideal for sliding glass doors or French doors. The pins are attached to the draperies but are not a part of the drapery rod. The tradition traverse rod was designed to support pleated draperies with pins. The carriers allow the draperies to easily open and close. The rods can be configured to open in one direction, to the left or right. The rod can also be configured to split and open in both the left and right direction simultaneously.

Customers can buy traverse curtain rods online now for $29.99. The rods are available in a variety of adjustable sizes from 36 inches to 300 inches. The standard traditional color of the tradition rod is white, but now it is available in a bronze finish custom rod.

Double traverse rods are better for dual layered window treatments or sheers and drapery. There are many sizes and functions to choose from – Linda’s Curtain Studio staff will consult with customers to determine the best option before they buy double traverse curtain rod s.

For more information on traverse curtain rod options, visit Linda’s Curtain Studio online or call 1-800-505-6561.

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