Lindexed Offers PingCloud, a Comprehensive SEO Service Which Effectively Indexes Backlinks


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- is currently offering PingCloud, a unique SEO service of indexing backlinks. The affordable PingCloud uses several steps to ensure indexing of backlinks, making it one of the most comprehensive services available anywhere. PingCloud is also very easy to use and fully automated, hence not requiring any software installs or script/plug-in on the servers.

Indexing backlinks has always been troubling for many webmasters who often seek third party services for solutions. Many SEO gurus will stress on the importance of indexing backlinks, which has led to the common understanding in the SEO industry that a backink not indexed is simply a waste. Lindexed has now become one such third party which specializes in indexing of the backlinks. However their PingCloud service is one of a kind, because it combines the various techniques that are commonly used by other SEO service providers. This wholesome service is not only highly effective but is also being offered at a very affordable price.

PingCloud comes with a 100% crawling guarantee alongside the capability to add 50,000 links per day or 1.5 million links every month. Another unique feature of PingCloud is that the pings are sent from multiple servers around the world from different countries which is an added advantage as Google will give them crawling/indexing priority. The company has published some sample campaigns on their website to demonstrate the effectiveness of PingCloud.

PingCloud has already pushed numerous sites to high page rankings. Since its launch in July 2011, there has been a steady increase in number of webmasters opting for its service. PingCloud’s stability for past 2 years represents that the service is absolutely reliable and is based on the core concept of Google’s page ranking principle. SEO industry is a common place where many strategies come and go, however Lindexed has maintained its reputation by offering not only one of the best SEO services but also the most affordable one.

About Lindexed
Lindexed is one of the leading companies that provides various SEO services. The company is currently offering PingCloud, a service which effectively indexes backlinks. Through the online platform,, specific details of PingCloud can be viewed and the monthly service can be ordered online. Lindexed is known for its innovative and unique SEO solutions which are highly effective and affordable.

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