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Lineup Lab Announces New NFL Season Partnerships with 4for4 and ProFootballFocus

Lineup Lab is helping combat the rise in sharks taking an unfair advantage in daily fantasy sports by putting the same powerful software and optimization tools in the hands of ordinary players.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2015 -- Daily Fantasy Sports has been the center of a news controversy in recent weeks, with sharks and professional fantasy sports players using advanced software to predict NFL player performance and muscle out the common player. This has led many players to leave fantasy sites, but has prompted many more to investigate what gives them that edge. Lineup Lab has closed two new partnerships for the NFL season allowing them to deliver the best NFL Lineup Optimizer to market and help average players play with the efficiency and accuracy of the professionals.

Partnering with professional data tracking and analysis sites, Lineup Lab crunches data from and to generate the same information pros are using to win. Combining this data with meta-analysis allows them to provide DFS Software to the average player, including an NFL Lineup Generator, to help players stand their best chance of success.

While they are not the only site out there offering this kind of service, their biggest core differentiator is the use of multiple data sources that are optimized for specific sports. By using data created by experts in each sport, NFL, NBA, MLB and more, they are better able to offer far greater accuracy than those who attempt to collate all data on all sports in house using a small core team.

A spokesperson for Lineup Lab explained, "There are two key components to a great Lineup Optimizer.  First the optimization software, and secondly the projection data that feeds into it.  Each part requires unique expertise.  Optimization software requires mathematical expertise, while projection data requires a lot of statistical knowledge and sports knowledge.  Both are critical to create a quality Lineup optimizer. Many of our competitors try to do both, building both the optimization software and the projection data in house.  For the projection side, this requires immense expertise in every sport NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.  This leads to them being a jack of all trades, master of none. We, on the other hand, focus on the optimization software only, and choose to team up with data projectors who specialize in a particular sport.  

Our new partner 4for4 is extremely well respected for their NFL data and lives and breathes NFL.  4for4 was rated the most accurate NFL projector by Fantasy Pros in 2014.  Pro Football Focus is also well respected by the industry and is partnered with ESPN, Yahoo, and other major brands. So by using their data, we have better projections and can focus our efforts on the optimization software.  This leads to the highest quality product possible.  With our partner's data combined with our advanced calculation algorithms, we make amazing things available to the public to help reverse the controversy that has gripped fantasy sports. Instead of these tools being in the hands of a privileged few, we can make them available to everyone."

About Lineup Lab
Lineup Lab is an advanced Daily Fantasy Sports optimizer. Their site is a tool for users playing on popular fantasy sites, like Fanduel and Draftkings, to help them gain an edge over sharks by making the same tools available to all players. Their data is projected by experts in each sport to make them more accurate than their competitors.

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