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Liniments Rubs Market to Register Stable Expansion During 2017-2025


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2018 -- Liniments are liquid dosage forms which are used relieve pain and stiffness during arthritis, sore muscular aches, and muscle strains. Liniments & rubs are well absorbed through the skin and have a high bioavailability. Liniment vehicles depend on the type of action (counterirritants, massage, and rubefacient) and solubility of desired compounds. They can be used as irritants, analgesics, anti-inflammatory, astringents, and fungicidal. Rubefacient liniments are used for vasodilation and hyperthermia in that particular area. They mostly contain essential oils that are used produce both cooling and heat effect. Counterirritants are for skin irritation and locally applied as a paints or thickeners. Counterirritants can cause some degree of skin reaction to increase the pain threshold of a particular area. Counterirritants are of two type's blisters and poultices. Rubs are solid dosage forms and act as an analgesic for external use only with less viscosity and typically formulated from evaporating solvents and counterirritant aromatic chemical compounds. Evaporating solvents like acetone and alcohol are used for cooling purpose. Counterirritants like benzoin resin, methyl salicylate, menthol or capsaicin for counterirritant effect and they are also called as rubefacients. Liniments & Rubs are available for the human and veterinary purpose.

Liniments & Rubs Market: Drivers and Restraints

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Liniments & Rubs has a strong demand due to a wide range of application, high bioavailability, and fewer side effects. Additionally, liniments & rubs have high acceptance among patient population due to high compliance. Beside, liniments & rubs use essential oils of natural origin which is another factor to drive the growth of the liniments & rubs market. Manufacturers are majorly focused on innovating the drug delivery systems to increase the compliance. Recent advancements made it possible to control dosage delivered by the dispensing containers. All these factors act as driver for burgeoning growth of the Liniments & Rubs markets

Stability of liniments is major concern limiting the applicability of liniments in other areas. It limiting the growth of the Liniments & Rubs market. Even though, liniments & rubs market has high potential growth due to applicability and convenience of the drug.

Liniments & Rubs Market: Segmentation

Segmentation based on Drug Class

Astringents, and

Segmentation based on End User

Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Liniments & Rubs Market: Market Overview

Global Liniments & Rubs market witnessed rapid growth due to rising demand for potential benefits of Liniments & Rubs. Manufacturers are more focused on innovations to increase the applicability of Liniments & Rubs in other applications. Globally, demand for Liniments & Rubs is increasing due to high awareness and others part of the market, manufacturers are mainly focused on controlled drug delivery systems. Liniments & Rub's market has a presence of many regional players which have a huge market share in emerging countries operating at regional or country level. The future of Liniments & Rub's market is anticipated to grow at double CAGR during the forecast period.

Liniments & Rubs Market: Region-wise Overview

Global Liniments & Rubs Market segmented into North America, Europe, Asia -Pacific & Japan, The Middle East and Africa regions and Latin America by region wise. North America dominates the global Liniments & Rubs Market due to the high acceptance among end users, and in North America, USA is a major stakeholder due to the high penetration. Economic conditions in the APAC region are set to drive the Liniments & Rubs market to new heights. European and APAC are fastest growing region due to the high penetration of Liniments & Rubs. Latin America is growing at stable pace due to increasing acceptance of Liniments & Rubs. The Middle East and Africa regions are showing significant growth because of raising awareness regarding Liniments & Rubs during the forecasted period. However, developed countries would maintain its position in the Liniments & Rubs market because of increasing awareness and rising adoption.

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Liniments & Rubs Market: Key Participants

The key participants in Liniments & Rubs Market are Haw Par Corporation Limited., Procter & Gamble, GSK group of companies, Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd. and others. The companies are mainly focusing on intense marketing to convey benefits of Liniments & Rubs.