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Link Building and How to Do It Properly Are the Subject of a New Blog Post on Ranked Results Website


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- Ranked Results, a company that specializes in SEO, has just posted a new blog to its website that examines how companies can properly build quality links. The post, which is titled Link Building: Let’s Redefine Quality, offers business owners outstanding advice on how to improve their company’s SEO ranking.

The blog starts off by talking about how Wikipedia is currently the gold standard for on-page optimization. What makes this fact somewhat ironic is that the topic of link building is barely mentioned on the Wikipedia site, yet they clearly do a great job with it because just about every online search will result in a Wikipedia page showing up close to the top.

While reciprocal links used to be a reasonable way to build links—the practice involved exchanging links with webmasters in order to get higher search engine rankings—it soon become a method that was completely overused. Eventually, Google decided that any “aggressive reciprocal link” action was spam. As a result, the newly-posted blog noted, this is no longer a method that can be used for link building.

In addition, the blog said, directory submission is not a decent way to build quality links. And while guest blogging, which involves posting content on another blog with a link back to the writer’s website is a popular method, it’s quickly going down the same overused and abused path that reciprocal links once did.

As for what constitutes quality link building, the author of the blog said it is important to find out the age of any external website as well as its ranking.

“How long has the website (you want a link from) been in existence? Don’t be afraid to use DomainTools.com to lookup the age of the website. The older and more-established, (typically) the better,” the blog noted, adding that if the sites that link to a company don’t rank well on their own, they will not provide the “power punch” that a website needs.

Quality links should definitely be relevant as possible, the blog noted. Google and other search engines value quality way more than quantity.

Overall, staying on top of link building techniques and being aware of the current methods that are both effective and ineffective is a great way to go. Although it definitely involves a lot of hard work, focusing on the correct way to go about building high quality links is extremely beneficial and worth the effort.

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