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Now Avail Link Wheel Creation Service by Ribbun

Ribbun Software Will Now Provide A Unique, Innovative Service Called Link Wheel Creation


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2012 -- Ribbun Software is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company that offers several different innovative services in order to strengthen the online presence of its clients. The latest innovative service that has been added by the company is the link wheel creation package.

Ribbun’s new link wheel creation package uses some of the latest web trends and technologies to achieve high authority links in a very short time. This has been difficult to achieve, since websites that are indexed quickly by search engines often have less link authority, and websites with high link authority are not indexed frequently. Link wheel creation aims at providing both link authority, as well as high speed indexing at the same time. This service is currently offered by only a handful of service providers at present, which contributes even more to its value.

The new link wheel creation package is explained further by Mr. Mohit, spokesperson for Ribbun Software. He says, “If you want to understand our link wheel creation package, just picture a wheel with twelve spokes. The center of this wheel is our client’s website, and each spoke represents a micro-site or a Web 2.0 blog we will create. The wheel is created by adding links to the micro-sites and Web 2.0 blogs that are directed to each other. One site links to other and so on, ultimately forming a circle of links. These websites also contain a link to the target website, thus completing the image of the 12-spoke wheel.”

SEO experts at Ribbun have conducted several months of research into link wheel creation before it launched the package. The wheel can be made of several ‘spokes’, which are the micro-sites and Web 2.0 blogs. However, over the course of research, experts at Ribbun Software found that 12 spokes in the link wheel allow the most natural, and thereby, the most efficient form of Search Engine Optimization.

Ribbun’s link wheel creation package differs from the very few other packages available on the internet in that it involves creating wholly original content to each of the small websites and blogs. Other link wheel services often involve the use of spun articles and web content for the smaller websites. However, Ribbun adds original content to all 12 websites, and search engines prefer original content to spun content.

About Ribbun
Ribbun is a popular Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm that offers a wide range of services in both categories. The company has developed a strong, positive online image for several clients over the years, and its list of services has only been growing due to its mission to provide new and innovative services to its clients.