Joe Bragg Helps Webmasters Regain Traffic Lost Through Google Penalties


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- Google has released a series of algorithm updates over the last year. These updates have made it increasingly difficult for webmasters to build backlinks pointing towards their websites. Sometimes, Google will penalize a site for having too many backlinks with the same anchor text. In other cases, sites are penalized when Google notices too many links from low-quality websites.

Webmasters have been turning to a new weapon in the fight to combat unnatural links. That weapon is called a site that has been getting a lot of attention from site owners across the globe. Using this tool, anyone can analyze their website’s link profile to determine which links might be considered ‘unnatural’. Then, if necessary, can remove thousands of these links in order to improve a site’s rankings.

After removing thousands of unnatural backlinks, will also contact Google on behalf of the webmaster in order to ensure the penalty is removed. At this point, site rankings should bounce up towards the top of the Google results pages, which means online businesses can start capturing some of the traffic that they experienced before they were penalized.

A spokesperson for explained what makes the website the best link removal tool on the internet:

“Link Removal is a revolutionary new approach to online business. Instead of battling through a Google penalty or spending thousands of dollars on more high-quality backlinks, we offer a convenient shortcut. Our company can remove links as quickly as possible, and we make it our personal responsibility to ensure that any spam links that negatively affect site rankings are removed through one method or another.”

There is no secret behind’s methods. In fact, the company promises that the entire link removal process is completely transparent. starts by contacting the webmasters of various domains where unnatural links have been found. If these webmasters cannot remove the links – or if they refuse to do so – then will move onto to the next method, which involves using Google’s Disavow tool.

Disavow is a recently released tool from Google that allows webmasters to tell Google to ignore backlinks from certain domains or webpages. So, if one stubborn backlink refuses to be removed, Disavow provides an easy way to prevent that site from affecting search engine rankings.

About helps webmasters remove unnatural backlinks pointing towards their website. Unnatural backlinks result in search engine rankings penalties from Google, and removing these links can rejuvenate an online business. For more information, please visit: