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Ribbun Software Launches Link Wheel Creation Service

The Rapidly Growing And Popular SEO Firm Ribbun Software Has Recently Introduced A New Link Wheel Creation Service


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2012 -- Ribbun Software is a popular SEO company that offers many services to its clients for improving their online presence. The company is known for introducing several new and innovative services to achieve this goal, and one of the latest ones is its Linkwheel creation service.

The Link Wheel creation service offered by Ribbun Software is an acceptable form of building links to a website, and one of the latest strategies used by websites for search engine optimization. The SEO firm has designed this service according to the updated page rank algorithm used by Google, making it one of the most cutting-edge SEO services. Mr. Mohit, Ribbun Software’s spokesperson, said about this new service, “As per our new Link Wheel creation service, we create many micro-sites and blogs that are related to the client’s website. We then add unique content to these websites and link the content to the target website, as well as other micro-sites and blogs we create. As a result, a network of links is formed connecting micro-sites to each other and all of them connecting to the main website, which forms the center of the Link Wheel. The other sites form the spokes of this Link Wheel.”

Ribbun Software has designed a 12-spoke Link Wheel creation service that uses the power of Web 2.0 to get maximum leverage in page rank calculations. The number of micro-sites and blogs, or ‘Spokes’ determine the effectiveness of the Link Wheel, but a large number of these spokes can lead to Google considering the links as spam. Ribbun Software conducted research on the perfect number of spokes that get the most results without causing the strategy to become black-hat, therefore forming its new Link Wheel creation service.

Ribbun Software’s new Link Wheel creation service also ensures that it follows the accepted guidelines of search engines by adding original content to the micro-sites. Since search engines like Google strongly prefer original content, the link authority of the back links is further enhanced. On the other hand, other firms that offer Link Wheel services do not put up original content on micro-sites, and the actions are thereby considered suspicious by Google and other search engines.

Ribbun Software also uses social bookmarking in its Link Wheel creation service. This further boosts the efficiency of the service and speeds up the process of indexing the micro-sites.

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