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LinMot Linear Motors Equip Engineers in Designing Quality Linear Drive Systems


Spreitenbach, Baden -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2015 -- The linear systems have been preferred as the most popular by users who want translational motions to be performed dynamically with high flexibility and low friction. It has been identified as one of the most vital components that form the core of LinMot drive system.

The LinMot motors being electromagnetic direct drives in tubular forms, it produces the linear motions in purely electrical and wear free methods. Hence, it needs no intermediate coupling of mechanical gearboxes, belts or spindles. The popular linear motors come in two separate parts – the stator and the slider. The latter is made up of the top quality material called neodymium magnets, which are mounted by the manufacturers with high precision stainless steel tubes. The former, on the other hand, contains the motor windings, position capture sensors, bearings for the slider, and even microprocessor circuits which are best for monitoring the motor.

With the help of the LinMot professional aid in their field, most of the engineers of the country has expressed in their competence in being able to having all of the components, which are needed to design the complete linear drive systems. It has also been reported by experts that with speeds of up to 7.3 m/s and accelerations of over 780 m/s2, it has been able to allow very short positioning times and high rates of cycle. With the family of motors offering 3 models with a variety of lengths of the stroke and the stator, the users have been given the liberty to make their own selection.

Here, users can ordinarily select a maximum stroke length of 1830 mm and an additional peak force of 1024 N. The highest appreciation for the LinMot has been the fact that because the motor components are encapsulated, the motors are given optimal protection even in cases where there is need of intensive applications.

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