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Linq Services Takes the Hassle out of Cell Phone Plan Management for Businesses


Elkridge, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- The Better Business Bureau consistently reports that cellular phone companies take the lead in number of complaints they receive annually. Most Americans will heartily agree. The rapid growth of cell phones and continuous development of their technology has made them an important part of daily life. However, the greatest necessity for conducting business is also one of the most painful necessities because of the hassle of dealing with cell phone companies.

Linq Services  tackles this process by allowing businesses to outsource their cellular service contracts and customer service needs to them directly, taking the hassle out of business phone plans . Linq Services interacts with cell phone companies directly for businesses to reduce service prices and handle all customer service needs. Businesses can then focus on what they need to accomplish and not worry about anything else.

Dealing with customer service at a cellular company all too often causes stress and irritation. The most common complaint is being kept on hold. Representatives also draw the ire of many callers. Many are poorly trained and do not know how to properly address issues. Many times they do not have a customer friendly resolution. Many of these representatives are in third-party call centers with excessive background noise.

Phone stores also rank low of consumers list of pleasant experiences. The phone companies often advertise free phones with two-year contracts. Here most honest consumers will admit to not reading the fine print. Usually the free phone is bottom line and cannot handle the services the company highlights. The only alternative is to move to a much more expensive phone. Bait and switch is a too common practice.

Billing complaints cause serious stress. Buried charges take what was sold as a budget-wise option and make it into a budget nightmare. Many complaints stem from services the buyer never ordered or doesn’t need.

Eventually, dealing with the cellular company becomes too big of a headache for anyone to manage and it also costs businesses tremendous amounts of money every year because they simply don’t want to negotiate with the companies.

Linq Services handles everything listed above so businesses can work peacefully and know their cell service is being managed by a trusted  cell phone management company with remarkable experience. With no hassle and no headaches, managers and employees can enjoy their work and their cell phone service.

About Linq Services
Linq Services is all about managing the cellular service for the business so clients don’t have to deal with the hassle. the team will help to reduce the monthly bill and coordinate with customer service. Linq Services eliminate the headache of technology need to operate the business.

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