Linux XBMC Comes to Matricom's Popular G-Box Midnight and the New Slav Streaming Media Boxes


Altamonte Springs, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- G-Box fans and enthusiasts have been waiting for this day for a while: Linux on their Midnight. Thanks to a few key G-Box community members, XBMC for Linux on G-Box is quickly becoming a reality. "The G-Box community is the strongest enthusiast and development community we've ever seen. This community has come together to bring Linux to the G-Box platform" explains Kristen Cheung, Matricom's international affairs manager. "We believe in community supported devices. Our goal is to provide the best hardware and source code support then step out of the way to let the open source community drive the hardware." This model has proven to be successful which has driven Matricom to develop more products such as the G-Box Slav and there's rumours of dual core Midnights on the horizon.

"We're making a push in the right direction even with the criticizm we've faced about manufacturing a device that is mainly supported by the community. The fact is, the end users know what they want better than the manufacturers do. If the manufacturers would learn to support the hardware, provide source code to their devices and then step out of the way, I think they would all be surprised at what the end users will make of the device" - Joey Sullivan, GM of Matricom.

That has been the vision for Matricom since they started producing Android devices and their vision is starting to come true now that the community has stepped forward and started releasing their own firmware options wich includes an XBMC Linux from a few XBMC and G-Box community members.

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