Linux Backup Utility Provider Grows Market Share


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2011 -- Backup Teddy, the industry leading backup utility for Linux servers continues to experience tremendous growth. As the easiest backup utility available for webmasters and those running Linux, Backup Teddy provides reliable and easy backups to entire servers for regular users who have little Linux experience. It’s famed scheduled Backup Teddy utility allows users to safely backup important MySQL databases, PHP files, Apache settings, cron jobs, system settings and more within minutes due to its proven Linux Rsync backup technology.

Even today, 99 percent of existing Linux backup solutions require expert level skills keeping it a difficult task. Backup Teddy’s rsync linux backup technology simplifies it all while providing the most efficient means of transferring files from one location to another. The technology allows the company to upload only the changed portions of any multi-gigabyte file to its secure servers. That data is then integrated into its main copy of the file where the local and remote copies are then verified to be 100 percent identical. “We provide the industry’s most efficient and fastest way to back up server data and a typical backup 5GB backup takes just five minutes as opposed to hours or days with other solutions,” said Peter Barkhal, a Backup Teddy security specialist.

All Backup Teddy accounts come with the provider’s backup utility software to enable the process of remotely backing up important data to the company’s secure systems in just several easy steps. “Our expert developers have designed our Linux Rsync backup utility to be incredibly easy to use and so compatible that virtually all Linux distributions will have a Backup Teddy schedule set and fully operating in under five minutes,” noted Peter. “We still happily setup the customer’s first server for free if they want.”

Customers can install and run Backup Teddy free of charge on multiple servers with no transfer limits and no wasted bandwidth from their web host or Internet provider. The utility has been tested on more than a dozen Linux distributions and works with both 32bit/64bit Linux systems.

When asked if a Windows version of the service was coming out, Peter replied “I’m not supposed to talk about it, but it’s definitely in the works. We will be bringing Backup Teddy to the Microsoft world in a few months once we’re happy it’s as totally robust as it’s Linux counterpart”.

All data at Backup Teddy is protected by military-grade security and more than ample redundancy with all data encrypted enroute to the provider’s servers. “Server access is restricted to the company’s security staff, which prohibits anyone from seeing what customers are backing up,” said Peter. Users also have the option to encrypt important databases that only they can personally decrypt, we just tell them to not lose that special password because not even we can get it back for them.”

While most providers charge upwards of $300 per month for a less reliable Linux backup with less features, Backup Teddy impressively does far more for far less. The provider’s cost-effective plans become cheaper per gigabyte and all plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee with full support provided seven days a week. To obtain more information on Backup Teddy, please visit