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Diet Doc Weight Loss Plans Introduces Newly Formulated Lipo-B, a B-Vitamin Rich Alternative to Liposuction

Diet Doc, the nation’s leader in medical weight loss, has announced a newly formulated diet aid named Lipo-B, capable of targeting fat in the most stubborn areas of the body, lending to its moniker “liposuction in a bottle”.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2015 -- Diet Doc has formulated a powerful new weight loss product, touted as liposuction in a bottle, named Lipo-B. The new Lipo-B utilizes a special blend of the naturally powerful B vitamins, widely used to boost metabolism and aid weight loss, and other potent diet aids to help dieters burn excess, embarrassing fat and more easily reach their ultimate weight loss goals, without the risks of actual surgical liposuction. When coupled with Diet Doc's unique medically supervised diet plans, patients have experienced results of up to 20 pounds lost per month.

Although the number of patients opting for the invasive surgical procedure liposuction declined in 2013, dropping by 1 percent, over 200,000 people still underwent the common, yet still dangerous process. Liposuction uses small incisions in the body, wherein vacuum tubes are inserted which violently suck out fat cells in the target area. The results are instant fat loss. However, although this procedure has become quite common, it is still not without risk. Some estimations have concluded the death rate from complications incurred during liposuction are as much as 20 in 100,000 procedures, with the most common negative effects being infection, embolism, visual perforations (puncture wounds in the organs), seroma, nerve compression, skin necrosis, burns, and toxicity from anesthesia.

With Lipo-B, Diet Doc patients now have access to virtual liposuction in a bottle, without the painful and sometimes dangerous surgical counterpart. Lipo-B incorporates a blend of powerful B vitamins and other potent weight loss compounds to help users naturally boost their metabolism and shed pounds, particularly in the belly. The ability of users to target the problem area for weight loss is why Diet Doc is referring to its new Lipo-B as "liposuction in a bottle." The unique injection system allows users to target specific areas of the body that have eluded previous attempts of diet and exercise, like the belly, hips, underarms, and anywhere that has been unresponsive to dieting in the past.

Diet Doc's new Lipo-B injection contains prescription levels of the B vitamins, including the metabolism boosting vitamin B12, along with other essential elements that work in symphony with the company's proven successful diet plans to generate some of the best results in the country. Diet Doc patients have access to medical weight loss professionals nearly around the clock, who expertly design diet plans around the individual's personal factors, and are able to prescribe powerful weight loss catalysts like new Lipo-B to patients when needed. Due to the delivery system, tiny injections directly to the target area, Diet Doc's Lipo-B is more effective than oral supplements, ebcause these injections bypass the digestive system.

Finally, due to the ease, and Diet Doc's medical supervision, patients utilize new Lipo-B in their own homes, eliminating time-consuming, expensive, and most often degrading visits to the plastic surgeon or doctor's office to be humiliated with the infamous black marker.

Dieters who are interested in achieving fast and healthy weight loss, without resorting to invasive and often dangerous medical procedures, simply call Diet Doc today and schedule a one-on-one telephone consultation with a Diet Doc physician.

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