Liquid Fertiliser Tank and Molasses Tank Options to Help Dairy Farmers Adapt to Abolition of EU Milk Quotas


Peterborough, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- As farmers adjust their businesses in time for the abolition of EU Milk Quotas next year, Peterborough-based Enduramaxx is supplying solutions to provide farmers with the additional resources required to cope with increased capacities.

From next year, farmers across the EU will be freed from milk quotas, allowing them to reconfigure their dairy farming businesses to provide greater output if required. Increasing milk capacity means that farmers will have to provide larger areas of fertile grassland for herds and will have greater demands for protein-rich feeds for larger herds.

Enduramaxx is a specialist provider of plastic water tanks, including; vertical rainwater tanks, potable tanks, vertical tanks and industrial tanks. The company’s liquid fertiliser tanks and molasses tanks are of particular importance to assist dairy farmers in reaching and maintaining capacity whilst achieving maximum cost savings.

The company provides a range of liquid fertiliser tanks which enable dairy farmers to store large volumes of liquid fertilizer at optimum conditions, reducing risks of wastage. Available in sizes up to 30,000 litre capacity, farmer’s can benefit from bulk buying fertiliser and will have access to large volumes of pre-mixed fertiliser when required.

Enduramaxx also supplies rugged uv-stabilised molasses tanks. With the rising costs of protein, with soya prices hitting their highest levels in two years, many dairy farmers are now switching to a high protein, high sugar molasses products as a method to get protein into the diet of the herd. Not only do Enduramaxx molasses tanks protect this valuable commodity from wastage, large capacity tanks allow for significant volumes to be stored for larger herds for when required.

Dairy farmers who wish to discuss liquid fertiliser tank solutions and molasses tank options, along with the broader range of Enduramaxx tanks that includes; rainwater harvesting tanks, baffled water tanks and cone tanks should visit

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