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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2016 -- Underfloor Heating is considered to be an excellent alternative for the traditional heating systems such as radiators, hot-air systems, heaters, etc. In case of renovations or new constructions, it is better to opt for this latest underfloor heating system with the help of the underfloor heating installation specialists from Liquid Screed Ltd. One of the main advantages of installing this system is the comfort that it offers. The heat is equally distributed throughout the room offering consistent warmth during chilled winters. Depending upon the floor, the heat would still be retained, even if the windows are left open. However, this is not possible with the traditional heating systems.

The experts here at Liquid Screed will provide detailed information on how the system would be installed throughout the entire process. Only the latest multilayer pipes and control systems are installed. Above all, Liquid Screed is the only company that understands warm water underfloor heating systems in and out. The installing specialists who work here are CPCS approved and have years of installation experience in the industry. Right from helping the clients with an initial design to finishing it off with a perfectly leveled floor, the entire process will be explained and taken care of by the installers here.

As mentioned before, traditional heaters such as radiators or convectors do not distribute heat evenly. They always produce a vertical temperature gradient which means it will be colder at foot level when compared to the head level. And not to forget, the energy consumption is also more. But thanks to Liquid Screed, the new underfloor heating systems are not only energy efficient but space efficient too. One can also avoid a lot of health problems that arise due to the cold weather such as asthma, common cold, etc. This system also helps avoid dust mites that are most commonly found on carpet area. If it is a carpeted floor, this system helps maintain the moisture content by keeping it too low for the mites to survive.

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