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Lisa D'Amour Reviews SHORE Project Ahead of Final Performances in Clarion Alley, San Francisco

Lisa D’Amour has written a review of SHORE: An Invitation by Emily Johnson ahead of SHORE: Performances August 6-8, beginning 8pm on Clarion Alley, San Francisco.


Dublin, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- SHORE is a unique theatrical dance experience that was recently shared by reviewer Lisa D'Amour, who charted her thoughts on the evolving performance in a new publication. Performing in the San Francisco installation is Tim Salaver whose recent performances were with the SF Symphony Chorus and Volti, San Francisco's contemporary a Cappella Ensemble. Salaver is a member of the installation's singing octet, identified as the choir. "Since this is first a body movement project, of course, I'm present throughout the performance," says Salaver. "but in ways that allow me to take in the and absorb the experience as both an observer and participant. I'm a classically-trained performing artist where my education and experience is firmly built on technique and skill. What Shore has introduced to me is a wholly alternative approach built on improvisation and collaboration which is just as effective in conveying the artist message. It has been a unique and welcome addition to my life."

D'amour's review begins with the recollection of Emily Johnson standing on her tiptoes, raising her arms up and throwing her head back, spine arched, and looking behind her, head upside down, as she tried to walk forward. Calling the move 'mesmerizing to watch', D'Amour explains that the move evokes the principle themes of the piece. It may be difficult to look back while moving forward, but it could also be essential.

D'Amour lists key questions: Can we trick ourselves out of "easy" habits that may be destroying culture, and earth itself? What role does community play in the lives of U.S. citizens who have been trained to forge ahead and self actualize? What does it mean to be completely contemporary, while being inhabited by the DNA of ancestors? What gymnastic feats are necessary in order to find fresh perspectives and original thoughts?

Thought it may seem the review asks more questions than it answers, it also gives a comprehensive guide to the journey of Tim Salaver, giving individuals who may see the upcoming San Francisco performances some idea of what to prepare for. "Whatever pre-conceived notions you may have of performance art, please leave at home." says Salaver, "This work will inspire, confuse, enthrall, amaze, and confuse you again. This work is not like anything I've ever done before in my 40-plus years performing arts career. Singing is vocal performance, but body movement is everything. All parts are moving and committed to the performance. The dancing principles are all-consuming in their effort."

The review also acknowledges the roles of the three principle dancers in anchoring the piece, Aretha Aoki, Emily Johnson and Krista Langberg, as well as a twenty strong ensemble and 8-member choir.

The review concludes with an insight into the contemplative nature of the dizzying, dense and non-linear piece, which exposes the mechanics of the performance, as a group meditation on the issues society faces through the use of movement, ahead of performances in San Francisco August 6-8, 8pm on Clarion Alley and ODC, San Francisco.

Emily Johnson, when asked for thoughts on the piece, explained, "Here. Here are my free associations on this matter. Oh and by the way? I free associate with my body. I can't make this easy for you, but I can invite you in, and challenge you, within this community of thinkers, to go deeper when you leave this room. We are all in this together, and we all have the potential to be tricksters. To embrace who we are and where we've come from. To actively and joyfully shake up the norm."

About Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson was born in 1976 in Soldotna, Alaska, and is a dancer, writer and choreographer proud of her Yup'ik descent. Based in Minneapolis, she is the artistic director of performance company Emily Johnson/Catalyst. Her choreographic style is characterized by installations, and her latest performance, SHORE, is touring now.

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