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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- If government were a product, selling it would be illegal, P. J. O'Rourke once opined. Well, no one is in a position to sell the government, but need does drive one to sell their homes. That is not illegal, however selling it for a lot lesser when one has the option to make more from it is definitely a loss, especially when one has all resources available to them.

Getting more out of a home for sale is exactly what home staging means. This means giving prospective buyers a tour of the quality of life they could upgrade to, if they bought the home. While everyone obviously cannot own a million dollar home, it is definitely up to them to make their home look like one. That is precisely what home staging helps one do, it teaches one about presenting their home for more than it is worth.

Lise Desormeaux, the founder of RMR-Real Estate Marketing Results, Inc, started off with a passion. That passion was to help sellers get the best deal out of selling their home, and even get much more than that. She is a nationally recognized home staging pioneer and real estate expert. After helping many sellers get more from their homes, Lise has launched a DVD, called THE HOME STAGING 101 DVD which is the Bible of home staging.

It talks about various tips and tricks, including trade secrets. It also includes real statistics on the returns that sellers have received by investing in home staging. The DVD also includes instructions for updating, renovating or improving the condition of any home.

Anyone can take advantage of the home staging techniques and get more returns on their homes.

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Lise Desormeaux is the founder of RMR-Real Estate Marketing Results, Inc., a home staging company which is known to transform houses that have been put up for sale into homes that appeal and sell among the elite luxury home market in Atlanta, Ga. Lise, being highly passionate about what she does, has authored many a eBooks and has launched DVDs to help those who do not own million dollar homes, but want to make their homes look like one..

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