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List of Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans Published by

A list of the Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans has been published by the Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans website. Named plans include Straight Talk Wireless, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile unlimited.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- has published its list of the Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans in the US currently.

With the high cost of monthly cell phone bills, more and more consumres are open and seeking out less expensive options available. As reported through the site, high quality unlimited wireless cell phone plans can cost as little as $35 a month. Many of these plans are backed by stable and reliable corporations that tap into the same cellular network towers that the major brands are using. Top ranked plans include offerings by Virgin Mobile, Net10, Boost Mobile and Straight Talk.

Unlimited prepaid cell phone plans have risen in popularity in recent years as they give consumers high quality phone services for one low fixed monthly price. These prepaid plans offer unlimited calls, texts and data access for as low as $40 a month. Typical postpaid high volume plans cost $90 and above a month, so many consumers who have switched are pleased about the substantial savings. Another benefit that has fueled the popularity of these plans is that heavy phone users do not need to worry about overage charges anymore.

With a growing number of options of unlimited plans available to consumers, it is sometimes difficult to determine which companies are most reliable and which plan features and pricing are the most economical. Consumers seeking a great deal may find themselves spending hours just collecting and researching the information. seeks to provide this information at their readers' fingertips through publishing this Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plans list.

Browsing through the list, visitors can quickly grasp and compare these inexpensive wireless phone plans. The list comes in the form of a comparison table of prepaid phone services that are included with each plan. The comparison information included are: plan types, costs, discounts, what's included and smartphone compatibility. Users can conveniently drill down to deeper reviews or else be redirected to websites with more detailed information. The purpose of the list is to assist consumers in quickly comparing companies and choosing a good plan, all in an effective manner.

The list contains well known company names like Virgin Mobile, Net10, Boost Mobile and Straight Talk. Prices start at $35 a month, for a plan offered by Virgin Mobile with 300 minutes of talk time, unlimited messages (including text messages) and unlimited data with a 2.5 GB high speed data limit. It is 4G compatible and operates off the Sprint Network. Another plan the made the cut for the list is by Net10, which offers a $40 per month plan that provides unlimited calls, texts and data (500MB High Speed Data).

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