List of Foods That Can Reverse Kidney Damage: New Book Program


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There are over 200 million people worldwide suffering from kidney damage. With this epidemic upon us and with medications only taking us so far, diet has become the most important component to reversing kidney damage. The treatments people undergo for kidney damage such as medications and dialysis have been increasing over the last 20 years.

It has been studied and proven that maintaining a proper therapeutic diet can help in keeping the kidney problems from getting worse and also can help in reversing kidney damage.

Now the question is can diet reverse kidney damage? Yes! And what is the right diet and why don’t doctors tell people about it? The simple answer is medical doctors are not trained in nutrition in medical school and how it will help kidney disease.

The treatments medical doctors use for kidney damage such as many medications and dialysis are not the only option. A therapeutic diet for kidney disease can help improve these problems and better people’s kidney health. Unfortunately, medical doctors don’t learn nutrition or diet in medical programs.

There are diet foods and herbs which when can be included in a kidney diet that can help improve kidney function and with time can reverse the symptoms and the damage the disease caused. This is in fact been practiced in many countries particularly Asia, France, Hungary, and other countries for over 100 years now.

These countries have incorporated many natural substances in their medical systems. Their treatments can include supplements, vitamins, herbs, foods and spices as these are natural remedies. Diet should be considered a very important component of a kidney disease healing program to reverse kidney damage. Diet is crucial because of the kidneys job of filtering out toxins from digestion of food, minerals and controlling so many other nutritional factors.

One thing that comes to mind in what to do to reverse kidney disease with diet and lifestyle is proper body hydration, with good clean water, and regular mild exercise. Keeping the body and especially the kidneys well hydrated during the day is the important. By drinking lots of water this keeps the kidneys hydrated and helps the kidneys to work efficiently throughout the day. Further mild exercise like walking does wonders to kidney function because it reduces inflammation.

List of Foods That Can Reverse Kidney Damage

As part of the diet to reverse kidney damage people should consume low potassium fresh fruits and low potassium vegetables that have high levels of antioxidants and fiber. Fruits and vegetables like celery, berries (particularly blue berries, strawberries and raspberries), have a positive effect. Among the natural ingredients used for cooking baking soda and apple cider vinegar helps the kidney to function better and keep the acidity levels low. Baking soda keeps the alkaline level high in kidney disease and allows the kidney to rest and recover.

Further avoiding junk food, red meat, high calorie beverages and alcohol is a must to improve the kidney functioning. Following a disciplined life and sticking to the diet with proper exercise helps in bringing the factors contributing to the disease to a reversal mode.

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