Introduces New Online Marketing Challenge: "The List Building Challenge"

Massive growth in the Internet marketing industry has led to the release of a new challenge that could change the state of the Internet according to Dan Brown, founder of


Montreal, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- Building a list refers to the act of compiling a database of contacts who willingly accept a company’s bulk emails. Now, as list building becomes more popular people have realized why it is so effective for marketing purposes. The reason why list building is beneficial to a business is because almost everyone in the world has an email address, list building is cheap, and people can set up automated systems which deliver their emails automatically at set dates and times.

Dan Brown, Founder of the website has been growing a subscriber list for a number of years. Dan believes that marketers should begin building their list now and has announced the release of a new list building challenge.

The list building challenge can help people grow an email list, but it’s not for everyone. Dan Brown has stated that the List Building Challenge is only for people who want to make a full time living Internet marketing, and doing so requires work. Many people in the online community know that a lot of marketing today is based on hype and huge promises, but Dan maintains that this new challenge is not for people searching for the magic pill to success.

Dan’s challenge will be opening up in the next couple weeks to new members, and the first 1000 people who join will receive one month’s free membership to “List Building Underground”, a monthly club also founded by Dan. Now, if people are interested in learning how to efficiently market products and/or services using the Internet, they might want to check out Dan’s List Building Challenge at

This new challenge will be starting soon, and if people can visit Dan’s website now and be able to take advantage of the early bird discount that is reserved for the first 1000 challengers only. Getting nowhere with online marketing is no longer a huge problem because Dan’s List Building challenge covers the basics, and walks the user all the way through to advanced list building tactics during the 30 days. The biggest benefit of email list building is that it allows businesses to connect with potential customers, develop a relationship, and is the main subject in the list building challenge.

You can visit to learn more and find out all the details. For those interested in list building, the challenge can be the jumping off point, and put a solid foundation in place for business growth.

About is founded by Dan Brown, and based in Montreal, Canada. The challenge is a 30 day program dedicated to building a database of fresh and targeted contacts. serves primarily people who want to build a business from home using the Internet.

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