TenMania Inc

Listicle Platform TenMania Announces Official Launch


Victoria, Seychelles -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- October 22, 2013, marks the official launch of TenMania, a brand-new infotaiment website that promises to redefine the concept of charted lists. If you’ve got a knack for knowledge and also enjoy reading lists, then TenMania is sure to grab your attention – as well as a spot in your bookmarked links. The website has already got over 160 listicles up and posted, as well as illustrated with top quality visuals, so you can already head on down to get your trivia and how-to fix!

TenMania Delivers Your Daily Dose of Trivia

Do you know what the world’s most watched video on YouTube is? Do you need to update your gluten-free recipe collection? Are you sure you’re not making one of these frequent makeup mistakes? TenMania has got all that information lined up for you and loads more. The website aims to cater to a diverse audience and provides lists in varied niches, which range from finance and business tips to beauty, celeb gossip, trivia and oddities. It’s an information aggregator, in the sense that it collects the most interesting and relevant info on the World Wide Web – but it’s got a twist. That twist is quality: all the articles are thoroughly researched, the visuals are appealing, and the website is streamlined for all platforms and devices. Read it over coffee, first thing in the morning, or catch up with the latest off your smartphone, during the daily commute. TenMania is optimized for any kind of reading style and user experience.

Who Is TenMania?

TenMania is written and managed by a hearty community of dedicated bloggers, with some six years of experience in writing for digital media among themselves. They hail from diverse backgrounds and have different areas of interest, from PR and recruitment, to SEO and contemporary literature, to fashion and business. The collective of authors was brought together by their shared passion of organizing information and presenting it in an accessible, appealing format. This is not their first common foray in the field of digital publishing, but they’re pulling all the stops to make it their most successful.

The overarching concept behind TenMania is that of community. The team encourages sharing, Tweeting, StumblingUpon, Pinning, and Redditing, as well as guest blogging from its most passionate fans. One year from now, it hopes to become more social than it already is (proof: the 18k Facebook fans it has already amassed). It strives to stand at the top of your daily reading list. It wishes to become a popular platform for sharing insight, curiosity, and a good laugh every now and then. And, by the looks of it, it’s got all the ingredients to succeed.