Listing and Fixing QuickBooks'list Issues


Brandon, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2020 -- Lists in QuickBooks present information about a customer's business. It could be a basic list that contains names, or a complex list includes that contains more detailed content, such as a list of names and related currency amounts.

When a list is corrupted, you would notice that all or most of your vendors or customers don't appear where they should, or invoices and payments get associated with the wrong accounts.

Re-sorting QuickBooks lists effectively resolves items out of order, the inability to turn on account numbers in the Chart of Accounts, the Advanced Find, the name filter drop-down auto-fill doesn't work properly.

Re-sorting puts a list back to its default order. If you have manually changed the order of a list, re-sorting it will also undo your changes.

Resorting lists helps when a list appears out of order, new entries always show up at the top of your list, reports show items out of order, highlighting a customer, vendor, or employee displays no transactions in the appropriate "Center."

QuickBooks Premier and Pro have a hard limit of 14,500 names in the data file which forces you to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise once you hit that limit for the combined list of names. E-Tech provides an industry-standard QuickBooks List Size Reduction service that will bring down the number of Customers, Vendors, or Items from your QuickBooks data file.

The service reduces list items in your QuickBooks data file without the loss of any historical transactions.

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