LitCoat Announces Availability of Three New Electroluminescent Paint Packages

New offerings will help business owners and enthusiasts become versed in how to create and apply light-emitting paints and coatings for customers and others, LitCoat reports


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- LitCoat announced the availability of several new packages aimed at teaching buyers how to formulate and apply the electroluminescent paint developed by the company. The first of the packages, available online for $196, describes how to obtain and mix the necessary pigments and carriers, while the second, priced at $296, goes in-depth into the many applications for the paint and techniques for working with it. A package including pre-mixed samples of the company's Electroluminescent paint for research and development purposes is also available for $392 at the litcoat website.

"After many years of intensive research and hopeful striving, practical, affordable electroluminescent paint is now a reality," LitCoat founder Johannes Schulte said, "and our new packages will help enterprising people around the world become the first in their markets to offer it to customers." For decades, individual inventors and companies have sought to create paints and coatings that emit light when electric current is applied to them, seeing the applications for such technologies as extremely compelling and almost limitless. Progress was slow, however, until recently, when a number of breakthroughs together made the technology potentially practical and cost-effective.

Until now, however, the creation and application of Electroluminescent coating and paint has been the domain of specialized companies with substantial resources. LitCoat was founded to make the technology more widely available, as Schulte's research into paints of this kind convinced him that they could be made relatively easy for even small business owners to create, work with, and offer to their own customers.

The company's just-announced new packages will help to realize this goal. The first package provides detailed information about acquiring and mixing the ingredients in the electroluminescent paint formulation developed by LitCoat, so that those who purchase it can easily create their own supplies of the substance. Practical, step-by-step instructions ensure that even those with no background in such matters will be able to produce high-quality, useful paint from widely available ingredients, setting up those who purchase the package with everything they will need to go into business for themselves.

The second package announced today builds on the first, teaching those who purchase it how to apply the paint and set up the necessary electrical circuits. Although the electroluminescent paint developed by LitCoat is easy to work with, it does necessitate special handling and application techniques, and all of these are covered in-depth in this second educational package.

The R&D package that was also just introduced is meant to help buyers experience the LitCoat paint as quickly and easily as possible. It contains three samples that together make up the LitCoat electroluminescent paint system. Applied successively, the outer two layers insulate the third, electroluminescent one from the environment and whatever the paint is applied to, allowing for the characteristic, desired effect to occur. Buyers of the R&D package will need to provide a properly designed electrical inverter, instructions for the construction of which are included.

Between the three just-announced new packages, LitCoat's innovative and accessible electroluminescent paint formulation is now available to business owners and enthusiasts everywhere. Those interested in learning more about the company's offerings will find further information and a variety of helpful and illuminating video demonstrations at its website.

About LitCoat
Founded by industry veteran Johannes Schulte, LitCoat's mission is to make electroluminescent paint and coatings as accessible and widely available as possible. Toward this end, the company offers a variety of valuable and informative educational packages, as well as supplies and equipment used in the creation and application of electroluminescent paints.