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Litous Ltd Launches Malware Sniper to Revolutionize Website Security Services

Litous Ltd has released Malware Sniper, a revolutionary way to ensure real time website monitoring with the ability to receive instant notifications of attempted hacker attacks.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2014 -- Since 2013, over six and a half million websites have been hacked, equating to one every five seconds. With high profile data giants like Target being exploited for users’ credit card data, it can feel like no one in safe, and as such website owners are becoming more protective of their site’s integrity. Unfortunately most malware prevention tools cannot keep up with the hackers, but Litous Ltd have changed all that. Their revolutionary new Malware Sniper software uses a one of a kind multi-pronged approach to identify and defeat potential threats before they become a problem.

Available in both Software As A Service and Executable Edition, the software is capable of identifying all manner of possible online transgressions, from indirect access by unauthorized users (Webshells), embedded Trojans and Exploit Packs, Obfuscated JavaScript as well as Html, noxious codes, Drive-by-Downloads, Site Destructions & Defacement Detection, Oddities In The Site Exhibition, Encrypted & Stowed iFrames, Malicious Spamming Mailers, Backdoor Endeavors, Malevolent Redirects, Hidden objects and a great deal more.

Best of all the software works without users having to hand over sensitive information like FTP details, as it can monitor any site externally just from the domain name. It offers real time inspection that gives instant notifications and reports to website owners to take immediate action against any potential threat.

A spokesperson for Malware Sniper explained, “The biggest danger for hacked websites, especially those featuring malicious codes, is that search engines will blacklist them because they represent a threat to visitors, especially if the websites asks for sensitive information like card details for financial transactions. In this way, malicious online attacks can devastate a business, costing them leads, sales and revenue. By using Malware Sniper, individuals are guaranteed the best and most innovative defense against these kinds of attacks that can help avoid hacker invasions and give the highest quality of website security available. Many other solutions only tell users when there is a problem Malware Sniper is focused on stopping the threat before it becomes a problem.”

About Malware Sniper
Developed by Icelandic company Litous Ltd, Malware Sniper offers a unique and proprietary dual-pronged approach to help website owners enjoy maximum website security from both malware and other viruses. By utilizing an external approach through the user's individual computer system or through implementing the server-wide solution, the online presence for a client’s website or business will be kept safer than ever. For more information please visit: