Little Frog Inc Announces the Launch of Ultimate Battery Saver HD APP to Extended Cell Phone Battery Power

There are 7.19 billion mobile devices in the world. However, a large portion of those mobile devices has serious problems with their battery life. One company who has come up with a solution to low battery power is Little Frog Inc. They have developed an important app called Ultimate Battery Saver HD to help users extend the life of their battery.


Largo, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- Little Frog announces their new Android app known as Ultimate Battery Saver HD, created to extend the life of customers' table battery and Android phones. The new app will help the 7.19 billion users extend the battery life on their cell phones.

The new app Ultimate Battery Saver HD is an efficient battery saver that uses the company's proprietary algorithm to identify, which of the apps running on the phone drain the battery.

There are cases when mobile phone users are not able to immediately charge their battery and need their device to access the Internet or make calls. However, that can become problematic if the cell phone keeps draining the power, which leaves the user unable to use their phone. The Ultimate Battery Saver HD is perfect for these situations, as its Quick Battery Saver feature detects the apps that are draining the phone's battery. The users resolve the problem with a single click and preserve the battery's life for emergencies until the next charging.

The new app has some other beneficial features that make it preferred by Android users. Ultimate Battery Saver HD includes the so-called Toggle Page feature that enables users to handle multiple toggle options with one touch. The result is effective battery saving.

On the other hand, In-Depth Logs feature provides people with deep analysis of discharging, un-plugged, and plugged history. The users will be able to export and store these data in excel file for additional analysis.

Beautiful Widget is another feature that adds an icon of the battery level to the home screen. There is also a Great Insight Info page that displays all information the customer needs about the phone's battery. That includes a free display of voltage, battery's condition, time left, percentage, and CPU temperature.

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About Ultimate Battery Saver HD
Ultimate Battery Saver HD, the best battery saver app in the market, which will extend your Android phones and table battery's life. This battery saver app will identify the apps, which are quickly draining a phone's battery.