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Little Laureates Expanding Its Presence as the Best Online Preschool in India

Little Laureates is a preschool under Nalanda Learning Systems. The preschool brand is known for its innovative teaching methods and practical approach to learning. Teachers use playful techniques like games in the classroom or children helping each other solve problems.


Kolkata, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2021 -- Nalanda Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd, which started with a single school in Kolkata and now has up to 100 schools across Eastern India, is on the path of expansion. The company recently launched its new website for online learning to enroll its children in pre-nursery classes. With this, they hope to reach out to more people who cannot afford preschool education at an early age or live too far away from one of our centres. The company also promises that the quality of teaching will be the same as what students get from brick-and-mortar schools under Little Laureates brand name.

A spokesperson of Little Laureates recently reached out and stated, "At Little Laureates, we understand the importance of nurturing our children. We believe in assisting them early on by providing high-quality education and opportunities for adults like you. As a result, we offer an expansive curriculum that encompasses all aspects of development to help us better prepare your child for their future! Our program is constantly evolving because it has grown significantly over the last few years with hard work from everyone involved!"

The age of preschooling in India is around 3 to 5 years. Little Laureates provides the best online preschool programs for children aged 3-6 years. Timir and Tamal Mukherjee have developed a virtual platform where children can learn at their own pace without having to worry about commuting or attending classes in person. They even offer live lectures and interactive rounds recorded so the children can play them back as many times as they like!

The spokesperson further stated, "We have a lot of features related to our online platform. You can access the virtual classes by putting in the login credentials. Then you will be able to get an interactive experience with animated videos, worksheets, games that will help children learn more effectively than ever before! Parents also have their tools where they can see what is happening at school - like attendance or weekly schedules- all from your phone or laptop, so it is easy for busy parents!"

To provide the best pre-nursery class online, Little Laureates is determined to help create a brighter future. By learning critical thinking and teamwork skills during projects for children, they can communicate better while sorting out what is right from wrong by listening to their conscience instead of following every impulse.

About Little Laureates
Little Laureates offers creative, interactive, and child-centered learning during the most formative years of a children's life. The preschool franchise operates exclusively in Kolkata but has expanded to other parts of West Bengal as well. Little Laureates' presence on social media makes it easy for parents all over India to keep up with their children from afar! It is by far the best preschool in India.

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