"Little Susie" Film Depicts Neglect from Youngster's Point of View


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2014 -- The ravages of child neglect range from minor to catastrophic. As innocent and vulnerable citizens, children are at the mercy of those more powerful; including parents, the educational system, the government and others. Giving them a voice and raising awareness through a film is a soon-to-be realized dream of experienced writer/director Maral Servat. Servat has lived in many points of the globe, and is a child of a common precursor for child neglect – divorce.

Using a 5-year girl named Susie, the film maker dramatizes the story of innocence lost and stolen. Sweetness halted, sensitivities frayed, fragility fractured; these are some of the realities of child neglect. The very name of Susie is fraught with meaning. In Hebrew and English, this girl's name means “Graceful Lily.”

In the film, the flower is crushed, its petals marred and its future altered. Susie's story, as told from her point-of-view, addresses the parental actions that contribute to her pain, dismay, confusion and forced maturity. As the film shows, all it takes is a moment of carelessness in order to generate a life-long result.

A number of things force children to grow up too fast, take on a new view and surrender their naivete. Questions arise in the minds of viewers of this remarkable work. Do parents understand how important is a child? Can a future be reclaimed and recaptured, and if so how? What is the collateral effects of decisions and actions made with little or no regard for the world's most vulnerable population? How can corrective measures, healing and remedies be implemented? How much impact can each parent and each person have?

The film will debut at major film festivals, will reach the studios of Hollywood and will eventually be available for streaming.

Awareness raising cinema has a place on the world scene. Issue focused dramas are also a genre worthy of notice. This film is one of those projects that gets the job done by incorporating both, while also providing a gratifying viewing experience. It is destined to force a new alertness.

Funding for “Little Susie” came about through an Indiegogo campaign that offered a compelling message, tempting perk offers and thorough details that brought clarity to the project.

The video pitch for this project can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWJX4zlSHoo.

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