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Little Viper Supports "It's on Us" Campaign Against Sexual Assault on College Campuses


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- Little Viper and Caroline Olah, President, have taken a firm stand in full support of the White House initiatives on preventing sexual assaults on college campuses. Olah, concerned with the safety of women has invented a fashionable bracelet containing pepper spray that offers women an effective personal safety device against violent physical assaults and rapes. It is part of a unified campaign to provide practical tools and a cultural shift to prevent this type of violence against women on college campuses and elsewhere. Studies estimate that one in five women is sexually assaulted while in college.

While pepper spray can be very effective against an assailant, the Little Viper bracelet was designed to eliminate a common problem in cases of physical assault-time measured in seconds. Traditional pepper spray canisters are designed to be carried in a purse, in a pocket, on a belt holster or on a keychain. “If I am being attacked, I don’t have those precious seconds to dig in a purse or pocket. With a bracelet on my wrist I can react instantaneously,” says Olah.

About It's On Us
The campaign called “It’s On Us”, launched September 19, 2014. It began with a “1 is 2 Many” public service announcement featuring many celebrities taking the pledge to report and actively fight sexual assault and violence. “It’s On Us” is a call to action, asking everyone to realize the solution begins with us and we must take responsibility for ourselves and each other. “We absolutely support and have taken the pledge of the “It’s On Us” movement. I firmly believe that this country needs a shift in culture but I also believe that we need to be prepared and protect ourselves,” the Little Viper President stated. “We can’t rely on strangers ‘doing the right thing’ at all times. We need to defend and protect ourselves first and foremost,” she added.

On August 29, the KTLA Morning Show featured Jenna Barnett, otherwise known as The Safety Girl, who highlighted her top recommended safety products for back to college, leading off the segment with the Little Viper.

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