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Live Christmas Trees as Decoration This Holiday Season May Put to Rest the Real vs. Fake Debate


Shropshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 -- As the term "Going Green" continues to turn into more than just going a certain color and more of an environmental friendly movement, the debate about using real vs. fake Christmas trees on Christmas wages on. Consumers who are deciding on the decoration for the forthcoming holiday season are being urged to pick a side; either they get real or simple fake it. Best4Garden is one of the environmentally conscious businesses that have introduced a new revolutionary yet simple answer to the real vs. fake discussion: live, real Christmas tree – Norfolk Pine as decoration.

A Christmas tree is one of the most symbolic and the most significant traditions of the holiday season, every year millions of houses around UK and the world celebrate the beginning of the season by decorating the pivotal symbol of Christmas festivities: a Christmas tree. Choosing a living pine tree would surely add to the symbolic significance of the Christmas tree, which is of hope, life and rebirth. El-Hashahar founder of best4garden commented: "Live Christmas Trees for lifetime. They are both inexpensive because they can be preserved for many years to come through proper care and they are eco-friendly." A living Norfolk Island Pine from is easy to grow and much easier to maintain than the other options currently available which means such as tree can last a long time. It is slightly disconcerting that as the story goes a fake Christmas tree is actually just like a large toilet brush and a fake tree has been manufactured from petroleum based materials its will never decompose and occupy a landfill forever after it has been disposed of. On the other hand a real tree is extremely high maintenance and a mess to clean afterwards, living Christmas trees UK offer similar advantages of both fake and real trees including the welcoming pine fragrance real trees give off but minus the fallen pine needles

A living Christmas tree makes a great present too especially for people who are eco-chic and appreciate environmental friendlier solution. A Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria Heterophylla) appreciates a sunny indoor spot, gardeners suggest a spot near a window but away from direct heat or full sun, as keep the soil moist without letting the soil dry out or overwater. Feed with a complete balanced fertilizer every month to keep the tree healthy for years to come. Available at 2 sizes in the UK 75cm (2.5ft) and 90cm (about 3ft)

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Best4garden is a small firm, based on the Shropshire Staffordshire border the company was created with the aim provide green solutions for gardens and homes. They also want to inspire the UK consumers to try new, more environmentally friendly solutions and ideas. Best4garden products are available on Amazon, EBay and direct from best4garden.

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