Joe Bragg Releases Up-to-the-Minute Forex Charts for Currency Pairings Around the World


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2013 -- When it comes to trading foreign currencies, generating a profit comes down to the right timing. If the trader can buy the currency at its lowest point and sell it at the highest point, then he or she will generate the highest amount of profit. But timing is about more than that – timing also comes down to beating other investors by seconds, and that means turning to websites with the most frequently updated information.

Those who regularly trade currencies on foreign exchange markets – Forex markets – can now visit for the latest information about currencies around the world. is an informational website that features the latest details about foreign currency exchange rates and Forex trading.

At, visitors will find the latest trading information for the world’s most popular currencies, including the British Pound, US Dollar, Euro, and others. The website’s homepage features a chart that lists the current rate for a particular pairing along with the highs, lows, and percentage change for that pairing over the selected trading period.

The entries on this chart will periodically flash green to show that the information has been updated. Updates occur as frequently as once per minute, and as a spokesperson for explains, the website’s goal is to give traders the latest-updated information about any currency:

“We know how important timing is for today’s Forex traders. As such, we’ve designed our website to feature fast updates and accurate information. Visitors are encouraged to bookmark our website and refer to it whenever they need information about currency pairings around the world.”

The website features the world’s most popular currencies as well as some currencies that are not traded quite as much, including the Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, and Swiss Franc. At a glance, visitors can see how much any of these currencies are worth in comparison to any other currency.

Along with featuring information about the past trajectory of currencies and the current price, the website offers a few tips on forecasting the future movement of currency pairings:

“Under our ‘Currency Forecast’ page, visitors will learn some exclusive tips to predicting future movement of popular currency pairings – like the British Pound and US Dollar. Writers look ahead at the economic data calendar and predict future movement of that currency pairing based on upcoming releases. This information is designed to help Forex traders maximize their returns.”

About is a foreign currency information website that showcases the latest movement and prices on the Forex marketplace. Information on the website is updated every minute and the website also features forecasts for the future movement of certain currencies. For more information, please visit: