Live Luv Create Serves as a Unique Platform to Share Images Online


El Cajon, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- A humorous image applied to a text has become a part of the growing internet culture nowadays. People are more interested in creating amusing text images to be shared worldwide among their social circles online. offers a unique online platform for users to build up startling images, text them and generate them among loved ones. The whole concept of was created by Shelly Jerman. Initially this website was launched as a social platform for self-expressions mainly catering to teenaged girls through prominent social media channels. Later this site, achieved a higher growth with its original number of users reaching a figure of more than two hundred thousand worldwide. keeps growing by gaining users for their images being shared. The site includes over 230k images generated by users all over.

The website owner says, “ offers more of an easy user line mechanism by giving an option for people to create images, pictures or photos by inserting texts or quotes and thus make them more startling”. Users have the option to share these photos or images on social media platforms like facebook as the cover pictures. One of the prominent features which motivate more people to try Liveluvcreate is that it incorporates beginner-friendly editing tools. The website owner says, “Liveluvcreate is a perfect choice even for those users having zero graphic design knowledge”. The site provides the option for users to share or quote their messages on top of their much loved pictures. comes out with customized and innovative usage features for people. The site displays a truly stylized catalogue imagery to create quotes and upload images combined with a range of various fonts and text styles, which is not offered by any other sites offering images with macro generator option. Liveluvcreate gives a separate space for young people to unleash their creativity constructively by using the innovative tools offered. The social media integration feature incorporated by this site is interesting. As part of this feature, users can upload and share photos, make cover photos in social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr etc, follow and posts comments on the work of other content creators in the site, redesign images and a lot of other prominent features. Those interested users need to login in to to create new images or pictures. The site earns 1k users a day and over 6k luvs. The company looks forward to bring in new and improved version of content creator tools for users soon. To get more details about how to create stylized images, visit

The website, is an innovative online platform which enables people to create amusing images or pictures overlaid with a text message and share them among their social circles. The site was created by Shelly Jerman. Over these years, the site has grown considerably earning more number of users along with over 230k images created by users worldwide. The site adds on 1k users per day with over 6k luvs aiming to bring in more improved content creator tools for users.

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