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New program to offer innovative hassle free strategy to help homeowners pay off their mortgage early and save thousands of dollars in interest charges.


Leicestershire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Advantage Business Partnership launches its campaign via Indiegogo in order to raise funds to help ordinary homeowners pay off their mortgage early and save thousands in interest charges.

UK mortgage repayments absorb a staggering 42 per cent of average take-home pay. As far back as 2008, mortgage debt was reported to have spiralled past £1 trillion.

If you live in the US things aren't any better. More than 860,000 families in the US lost their homes during 2008. Banks repossessed 1 million homes in 2010; and 2011 was worse. About 5 million borrowers were at least two months behind on their mortgages and industry analysts forecast more will miss payments as they struggle with job losses and loans worth more than the value of their home.

“I believe the benefits of paying off a mortgage early goes far beyond the issue of having more money to spend,” said Eddie Lamb, owner and founder of “Of course, it’s good to have more money, however for most ordinary people, living mortgage free will be nothing less than a life-changing experience - I get a buzz just thinking about that.”

When asked why he felt living mortgage free was so important, Lamb responded, "In two words; debt elimination – and bad debt is a killer. It squeezes the very life out of individuals who fall prey to it. Governments seem powerless to tackle the problem so I guess it's up to me, you and other like-minded people to change the situation."

Lamb confessed, "Until recently I was unaware of Crowd Funding and the opportunity it presents". He added, "The Indiegogo platform is incredible and they do a great job of providing comprehensive information to help anyone who is looking to fund their project".

"The Live Mortgage Free program will touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people so we have to get it right at the outset," said Lamb. He added, "We need the extra funding in order to build the infrastructure to support those numbers and to give the program the launch it deserves."

Asked about the 'Perks' on offer to contributors, Lamb said, "Whether you would like a PDF Certificate Acknowledging your valued contribution, a personalised Thank You Video or inclusion on our Members' Advisory Board, there is something here for everyone."

You can view details of the campaign at

About Advantage Business Partnership
Advantage Business Partnership was founded by Eddie Lamb in December 1999 as a traditional offline business. In 2002 the company launched its first retail website marketing a selection of downloadable informational products. 2006 saw rapid growth of its business with the development of over 80 websites providing free information on a variety of topical subjects, many of which are health and family related. More detailed information on the Live Mortgage Free project can be found at