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Critically Acclaimed Liver Cleanse Sheds off the Pounds and Restores Health for one Desperate User


West Jordan, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for effective ways to lose weight and improve health, Colon-liver-cleanse.com is announcing their website which is based on the life changing personal experience of its founder, Sean Burrows.

For many people the crux of ill health comes as the results of a poorly functioning liver. Medical professionals all agree that the liver is the central hub to the body’s internal system; it filters the blood, aides in digestion, and even helps burn off excess fat.

Needless to say, many people’s lifestyles, especially those that condone an exorbitant consumption of fast foods and medications, can have detrimental affects upon the liver. With time, these negative effects compound and manifest into symptoms such as low energy, body odor, acne and obesity.

This was certainly true for Sean Burrows. During his college years and well into his 20’s Sean admits to taking less-than-ideal care of his body. His lifestyle consisted of vodka shots followed by greasy hamburgers, 3 daily trips to Starbucks and a host of 32 oz energy drinks.

It wasn’t long before Sean’s health took a serious turn for the worse. He consulted numerous physicians to try to pinpoint what was wrong with his body, but the doctors were just as confused as he was.

“After my doctor diagnosed me having an overly toxic liver, I tried literally every doctor prescription, herbal remedy, eastern and western potion and pill as seen in magazines and books,” says Sean. “You name it, I’ve probably tried it. Not a difference to the way I felt…until I tried this…,”

“This” is the Applied Health Liver Cleanse, and it has already helped millions of people reclaim the energy and vitality they thought they left behind with their adolescence.

What struck Sean most about Applied Health was the company’s humble approach to doing business. While other cleanse programs relied on heavy advertising and hype, Applied Health seemed to focus their attention on the products themselves- resulting in a word-of-mouth reputation that is founded on stellar customer reviews.

The Applied Health Liver Cleanse uses a proprietary herbal blend that has been shown to clear the body of long-seated toxins and assists with the regeneration of the liver.

“I’m happy to recommend Liver Cleanse from Applied Health because I know it’s made with the highest quality, all natural ingredients by a company that cares enough to show true commitment to their customers, and I’m confident it will do the same for you as it has for me, my friends and my family,” says Sean.

To learn more about Applied Health Liver Cleanse, or to get a limited time $5 coupon before purchase, please visit: http://www.colon-liver-cleanse.com/best-liver-cleanse