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Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2012 -- It’s particularly common these days for men, and even some women, to be interested in bodybuilding. Not everyone wants to be Mr. Olympia, but it’s far from unusual for people to spend time in the gym sculpting and toning their muscles in order to achieve a certain look. Rippling muscles and an athletic physique have always been perceived as attractive, and men are paying closer attention to their physical attractiveness than ever before.

One website making waves in this area is, a new online bodybuilding discussion forum which is gathering renown for its intelligent posters, wise bodybuilding advice, and sensible moderation policy.

The forum hosts discussion boards for a wide range of bodybuilding topics. Beginners can get advice on routines and techniques for developing particular muscle groups, and accomplished bodybuilders can show off their results in the photos section.

Diet and nutrition is one of the most important aspects of effective bodybuilding technique, so it is no surprise that a sizable proportion of the bodybuilding discussion on the site is devoted to that topic. There are extensive debates and information about different approaches to nutrition, as well as discussion about supplements, hormone treatments, and other ways to achieve more pronounced muscular growth.

In addition to bodybuilding related topics, the site also contains discussion forums for off-topic subjects that are of interest to bodybuilders. Members of the community can discuss finance, their pets, sports, and other non-bodybuilding related interests.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Bodybuilding has always been a personal passion of mine, and I have been generally fairly disappointed with the selection of bodybuilding forums out there. They tend to be full of trolls and bullies, or littered with questionable advice. I wanted to create a bodybuilding forum where people can get real, reliable guidance on how to achieve their bodybuilding goals. There are areas on for any type of bodybuilding question, and even a section to just chat with likeminded bodybuilding enthusiasts. We’re particularly proud of our peptide discussion area, where many bodybuilders who are particularly knowledgeable about peptide supplements and the muscle gains from using them. However we aim to provide an all encompassing forum where a full range of bodybuilding topics are discussed.”

About is a new online bodybuilding discussion forum. The site hosts discussions on diet, technique, supplements and many other bodybuilding topics, as well as off topic discussions of interest to the bodybuilding community.

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