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Living Free Home Now Has 3 Different Types of Wheel Chair Ramps Available


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- Helping people live and maneuver comfortably is what Living Free Homes does, and they do it very well. All homes are not the same, and with that being said, neither are the people who own them. Everyone has their own ideas in mind to help themselves and/or family members in need of wheelchair ramps when it comes to functionality as well as how the ramp will look. Understanding the needs of everyone, Living Free Home now has 3 different types of wheel chair ramps available to help each customer find the right fit for their loved one as well as their home.

Some homes can use portable stair ramps, while other homes find it easier and to be more of a necessity for the wheel chair ramp to be permanent. The three different types of new ramps they now have available are Aluminum, Wood with picket rails, and wood with economy rails. Each one of these ramps is safe and will do the job. Depending on the house and the budget that is in mind will determine which ramp suits the house and those who need it the best.

Contact Living Free Homes today so that they can come out and assess the needs that the ramp must meet as well as get an idea of what look will fit the house as well. While the ramp is a necessity, it does not have to take the visual appeal away from the home. Contact Living Free Home today, they are always available and happy to help.

About Living Free Homes
Living Free Home is a division of Home Care America. This is a group of dedicated individuals from diverse backgrounds, all dedicated to serving those who have special needs. Many have worked in businesses providing care to the elderly and mobility-challenged. Living Free Home will have a representative meet with its clients in person; find out their unique needs, and then come up with an individualized solution to keep their client mobile within their home.

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