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"Living Life Unbound 101" Course to Empower Women to Purse Their Passions

10 Week Course to Help Women Achieve a Independent Life with No Boundaries


Newport, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- There are many women out there who want to be independent, hardworking, and passionate about their work and who want to earn a decent living from their passions. However, not all get the opportunity to work under a favorable atmosphere. Some of them have to do strenuous jobs which they might not love to do but they have to do lest they lose their financial security. There are others who love their jobs but do not like the situations around them and cannot leave their jobs. For all those women there is “Living Life Unbound 101” which is a short course with a 10 week duration that will help these women go through this transition with ease.

“Living Life Unbound: The Passions That Drive Female Entrepreneurs” is a book that helped many women pursue their passions and do the work that they have always loved to do. The course teaches some important steps such as making lifestyle simple and planned, being independent to work from anywhere, avoiding competition and becoming rich with collaboration, maintaining a balanced and ideal lifestyle between personal and work life, accepting challenges for growth, gaining global perspective and different ways to adapt to work with women around the world.

The course commences on April 23rd 2014 and will continue till June 25th 2014. The “Living Life Unbound 101” will help women see their passion, feel its intensity, trust themselves, do their passionate work and be present and live in the meantime. The other activities include weekly group calls, practice worksheets, group discussions, guest or expert interviews and many more. There is an Early Bird Special Price of $347 as against the original cost of $497. As there are limited seats available, participants might want to register for the course before April 16th to avail the special price as well as a spot. A free gift of the book “Living Life Unbound: The Passions That Drive Female Entrepreneurs” and the latest edition of the companion journal will be given to the participants once they signup for the course.

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Living Life Unbound, based at Newport, Oregon was founded by Tara DuBois who is an independent woman and a successful entrepreneur and started this forum to help other women experience the feeling of freedom, independence and global perspective.

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