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Bogor, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- The interior design (desain interior) is the most important in determining the beauty and comfort of a room. There is the story of any room, either a family room, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and other rooms.

Speaking of the living room, did you know that at this time there is one particular type of interior design living room is a trend and in demand by many people?? The interior design is interior design living room is a lesehan. Or desain interior rumah by

This design actually mimics traditional style living room that we usually find in Japan, where if there are guests who visit, the guests were invited into the room and sits cross-legged just paved pads for the seat. Generally means sitting cross-legged on the floor. So in the living room lesehan, no chairs, just for the sake of convenience of people who were in the room, added the seat or cushion.

If you happen to be interested in setting up a living room with lesehan interior design, then there are some important things that must be considered :

1. Proper cushion
For the cushion, you should use a pad with a density that is not too, and not too soft. If it's too dense, just the same as sitting directly on the floor. And if it's too soft, then when the seat will feel less uncomfortable, and eventually occupied floor still feels. So, which is rather soft seat cushion, but pretty solid.

2. Proper table
Proper table should be made of wood, pernish with natural brown wood. Wood is a material that has a natural temperature, not cold and not too hot, making it suitable for any weather. If a table is used made of glass, there will be a little cold at the hands propped on the table.

3. Proper floor
The right floor for the interior design living room sitting on the floor is wooden floors lantai kayu (parquet). Why parquet?? The answer is because the parquet flooring has color and texture to match the concept of this room, which is natural and simple. In addition, when occupied, then it will not feel cold.

Although the seat cushion repose, but still part of our feet touching the floor. If the floor tile is used, then the legs will feel cold, because in general the living room sitting on the floor is rarely used carpet.

4. Accessories and Supporting Facilities
In addition to the above, then we can also add accessories and other supporting facilities so that the living room sitting on the floor that we provide to welcome guests, will give comfort to those who inhabit it

Accessories and supporting question is, doors, chandeliers, wall hangings and other ornaments that add thrill and themes that wanted to be in the room.

Those are some suggestions that you can consider when want lesehan theme in the living room. Hopefully with information about interior design living room lesehan, it could add ideas and new things that will make your living room a more comfortable, enjoyable, and can pamper guests who visit your home. Visit

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