Living Water Aeration

Living Water Aeration Instructs Koi Pond Enthusiasts on Pond Basics

Advises On Importance of Aeration, Planning and Planning Ahead


Quincy, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- According to Drs. Foster & Smith of the Veterinary & Aquatic Services Department, the popularity of personal residential ponds is exploding, and along with it, the popularity of koi is also increasing, too. Daniel Crackower, spokesperson for Living Water Aeration ( in Quincy, MA says they, too, have seen an increase in the amount of business coming from the private sector for pond equipment and koi kits.

Says Crackower, "We've constantly had to increase our inventory of pond fountains, koi kits and aerators to satisfy the large demand for pond equipment and supplies, including: fountains, waterfall kits, fiber optic lighting, pumps, pondless waterfalls, pond kits, bacteria and many more. Customers are always raving about how much the love their ponds, saying how beautiful they are, giving a real sense of style to whatever spot they've placed them in. When they've been well-designed and planned out, the combination of colors and graceful swimming fish present a serene, dramatic effect that can't be duplicated."

According to Crackower, koi are a hardy and easy to raise aquatic life providing a special hobby for many people all over the world. However, he encourages novices to the hobby to plan their ponds carefully, constructing the perfect spot before the selection and purchasing of the actual koi. He also emphasizes the importance of aerators. "When you have koi in your pond or any fish for that matter, aeration is a very important feature to add to your pond. One of the greatest benefits to a fish school is adequate oxygen in the pond. Lack of oxygen can be one of the fastest killers of fish stock, but this can usually be avoided if you provide adequate aeration. If you don't know just what to do, you may want to consider having a custom designed aeration system to fit your applications, or you can speak with some of our specialists who can recommend a product based on the size of your pond."

Crackower concludes, "Whether you're looking for a small koi pond to provide a serene spot to enjoy the outdoors or you're looking for Living Water Aeration Fountains to create a focal center for your lake, having the right equipment and planning is imperative. Make sure to plan ahead and think about how you're going to obtain the working parts of the pond, waterfall or fountain. With the right parts, any plan can become a reality."

About Living Water Aeration
Since 2004, Living Water Aeration has been a successful Internet business. It was initially launched due to a great need for pond equipment but no local suppliers. They offer a unique customer comes first business philosophy that is concerned with the satisfaction of the customer, no matter how large or small the order. They recognize that every order is equally important to the success of the business and also believe that great products and 100% customer satisfaction is key to any business, standing behind all of their products.