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Living with the Band: Powerful New Book Depicts Real-Life Experience with Gastric Band Surgery

Victoria Ashton’s compelling new book details life before, during and after Lap-Band surgery. With millions of people around the world considering getting their own band, Ashton’s ‘Living with the Band’ is poised to become a life-changing resource.


Virginia Beach, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- With one in three Americans now classed as obese, the Lap-Band (Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band) is quickly emerging as a safe, realistic and long-term solution to weight loss success. Coupled with the recent news of Chris Christie’s own surgery, ‘the band’ is receiving more attention than ever.

‘Living with the Band’ is an insightful new book by Virginia’s Victoria Ashton. Already available in 109 countries, the book depicts life both before and after Lap-Band surgery.


The LAP-BAND System is the only minimally invasive, adjustable and reversible FDA-approved surgical obesity treatment. It is an important tool which, properly used, can help improve your health, reduce your risk of developing associated severe medical conditions, and enhance the overall quality of your life. Victoria Ashton knows. This is the story of her experience with Lap-Band surgery, and beyond. Her message is: Don't be afraid to ask your doctor if lap- band surgery could be right for you. Take the time to research all there is to know. Make sure you ask all the questions are on your mind.

Most importantly, if you are not comfortable in any medical situation, then change it. It is very important to have the right medical team beside you. They become like family; they guide you and work by your side for success. To date Victoria has lost seventy-two pounds, and more importantly, maintained that loss for over four years. Her life has changed dramatically. Beautifully written, with a wry humor that isn't above at times poking fun at herself, Victoria's story is an inspiration to readers, as well as a detailed guide to the experience and what you can and cannot expect.

As the author explains, the world’s obesity epidemic needs urgent and diligent attention.

“A myriad of life-threatening conditions are currently on the rise, including Type-2 diabetes, cancer, and hypertension, all of which can be improved with sufficient weight loss,” says Ashton.

Continuing, “The band can help all of these. However, many are afraid to undergo the procedure as personal stories of those who have done it are not readily available. This is why I wrote this book – to share my story and encourage others to put an end to their own habits and say hello to new life of health and longevity.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“If you are overweight, this is, by all means, a must read. You will find all that you need to know about considering, going through and living after bariatric surgery. But, ‘Living With The Band’ is much, much more. Refreshing and enlightening, Victoria Ashton has crafted a delightful read, filled with pearls of wit and understanding. Been there...done that -- you will instantly fall in love with her candor and recognize that you are, indeed, not doomed to continue ‘living’ in shame and fear,” says one reader, reviewing the book on Amazon.

D. Joan Bishop was equally as impressed, adding, “Victoria's story is such an inspiration to those, like me, who have struggled all our lives with weight issues. In a humorous and realistic way, she talks about how she found the courage to go forth with this surgery and openly talks about a subject that if filled with stigma and judgment. Thank you Victoria for sharing so much of yourself and writing such a positive and encouraging story.”

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Living with the Band’, published by NorthHampton House Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/12pkmU7

About the Author: Victoria Ashton
Victoria Ashton has been flying around the world as a Flight Attendant for the past 33 years. She lives in Virginia Beach with her 2 children.