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The Lazy Lemon Is an Arcade That's Far from Sour


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Winding down with 26 days left on its IndieGoGo campaign, The Lazy Lemon aims to bring the old-fashioned arcade into the 21st century. The twist is that they are going to be using new gaming equipment instead of old fashioned systems, turning your father’s arcade into a modern-day TRON.

A place like The Lazy Lemon can do a lot of good as it brings kids and teens off the streets, and provides them a safe and fun place to hang out. Studies show that kids end up going home after school to play video games as it is, and so giving them a place to be around other kids to socialize and be supervised is a fantastic idea.

All their Xbox 360’s and PC’s are rentable to use for an affordable rate of $5\hour, $12\3 hours, and $15 for an all-day pass. Every game in the store is free to use at the player’s rented station as long as they’re renting the station, and headsets are available to rent upon request.

They also provide access to corporate grade high-speed, plus delicious snacks and drinks via vending machines and the cashier.

Their IndieGoGo campaign has a table with a clear cost breakdown so you can see exactly each and every dollar and cent going, and they have made it as detailed as possible to ensure everything is transparent.

The Lazy Lemon’s IndieGoGo page also has five distinct perks. The first is for a tee shirt at $30, the second is for a 1 Month Unlimited pass at $100, and the third a 1 Year Unlimited Pass at $1k. The fourth perk will give you or your company a banner clearly displayed in The Lazy Lemon’s store, and the fifth will give you three large banners plus advertising on the company’s website and merchandise.

You can read more about The Lazy Lemon here.

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