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LNS Technologies Launches Kickstarter for Plastic Injection Machine Ideal for Hobbyists and Small Manufacturers

LNS Technologies produces plastic injection machine ideal for hobbyists and small manufacturers, and needs your help on Kickstarter.


Vacaville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- LNS Technologies comes up with a much affordable, easy-to-use, bench table-top plastic injector that molds high quality plastic parts.

The Model-20A injector allows users to produce beautiful, manufacturing-quality plastic parts. The machine is ideal for hobbyists, small companies and even corporations. According to LNS Technologies, “The machine can produce plastic toys, gears, fishing lures, optical lenses, golf tees and even medical products.”

According to the company, what makes the product unique is that it is a proven way to produce high-quality plastic parts at low cost. It encourages designers and other small manufacturers to get their plastic product ideas into production for selling to the public. Traditional injection molding equipment is expensive, which make them difficult for start-up companies to get into this type of manufacturing. Also, 3D printing may be useful for making samples but are inefficient when it comes to making full-strength, high-precision parts.

The company started as a small home-based business in November 2011, with the main goal of manufacturing and selling Model-20A.

LNS Technologies’ website, www.techkits.com/pim, offers a variety of low-cost pre-made molds and a wide variety of plastic pellets for use in Model-20A. The injector, on the other hand, comes with a manual, a warranty and extensive details on the plastic materials that can be used on the machine. The company also plans to launch a quick-release toggle vise to help speed up the molding process to up to 180 parts per hour, as per their tests.

LNS Technologies launches the Kickstarter campaign to help fund their company so they can be able to produce more Model A-20 injectors and to develop more products.

LNS Technologies
Vacaville, CA